An unlikely spot for comedic genius

Leave it to Judah Friedlander to find an apt metaphor for the decay of American democracy on the New York City subway. The cerebral comic sat down with Salon’s Matthew Rozsa on “Salon Talks” where he opined about how he disagrees with the popular notion that "the majority rules" in a democracy. "If there's a small amount who are the bullies, and a small amount who are the direct victims, and then there's all these other people who are just kind of neutral, you can make the argument that they're actually a bigger problem than the bullies," Friedlander told Salon. "Because they actually, if they can unite, they can actually have the power to kind of stop that stuff."

Watch the video above to learn how a screaming subway rider preaching about the Bible in a packed car taught Friedlander this valuable lesson about the modern state of American democracy. And to hear more of Friedlander’s hilarious opinions on American politics and the inspiration behind his Netflix stand-up special “America is the Greatest Country in the United States” check out the full interview here.

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