Is America's political correctness ruining comedy? Watch Colin Quinn's Twitter theory

Being politically correct and objective have never been a comedian's strong suit, but for Colin Quinn, America's current obsession with only saying what's acceptable and calling out anyone who veers from it, is becoming increasingly problematic.

"The people with the most time on their hands to tweet and go on social media are setting the national tone," he said on "Salon Talks." "There's no such thing as 'objectively.' Objective, according to you. This is the problem," he continued. Quinn blames social media as a major factor. "All these things never had to get discussed before because they weren't part of this social media platform," he said. "Now we all see all the different nuances of what everybody feels."

In his new one-man show "Red State Blue State," the comedian and "Saturday Night Live" alum centers his focus on America's divided politics, taking swings at everyone

Democrats, Republicans, and independents. The show is now playing at New York's Minetta Lane Theatre through March.

And according to Quinn, amplifying the polar opposite opinions has, in effect, caused the political middle to disappear. "You're either 100% down the line with everything liberals or conservatives believe or you're not part of that and that's the way it is," Quinn said.

Learn more about Quinn's new show and watch the video above to hear more about why he blames social media for ruining almost everything in America. And watch the full episode to hear his solution to America's problems, "USSR broke up. Why can't we break up?"

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