How this MIT engineer designed a better vibrator for women

When MIT engineer Janet Lieberman set out to create a better vibrator, she wanted to hone in on the technology. From motor size to pliability, she wanted to build a better product that worked for self-pleasure and couples. The Dame Products co-founder joined “Sex Toast” to talk about how the company is continuing to innovate in sex tech.

Dame Products offers beautiful hands-free vibrators in a range of shapes and sizes and a pillow that allows you to find your perfect angle in the bedroom. “Every time that we’ve come to a product category that we thought we wouldn’t be able to innovate in, we found the little things,” Lieberman said.

The product testing process is very important to Lieberman, she explains, which is why she personally tests products and asks couples to do the same.

“What I found when I was testing competitor products was that they would match my anatomy when I wasn’t really using them, and then as soon as I applied pressure, I would have to tilt up,” Lieberman said. “We realized that if we didn’t put in an internal plastic structure, we could make a better product.

Watch the episode above to hear co-hosts Deren Jones and Ian Kerner ask Lieberman about how a hands-free vibrator allows couples to connect while trying out different positions, and how being a sex tech entrepreneur is different from other industries.

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