Chelsea Handler on healing her “deepest injury” from childhood

In the last year, Chelsea Handler set out to look inward and face the deep trauma in her life, she tells “Salon Talks.” In the comedian’s latest memoir “Life Will Be the Death of Me,”, she opens up about the loss of her older brother when she was nine years old and how it impacted her.

Handler’s recent work with a therapist led to her writing the book. “I had never said out loud to anyone what my brother said to me before he died. I had never uttered it. It was like a dirty secret even though it was too painful. You know, that he would come back, that he would never leave me with these people,” Handler told SalonTV’s D. Watkins.

And for Handler it was more than just talking about it—the process helped her heal. She urged her readers to look at their own traumas. “ I'm not fully fixed or complete, but the biggest, deepest injury I had is now putting itself back together. I don't want everybody to go through life the way I did from nine to 40, completely blocking out any sort of trauma that I had when I was nine years old.”

Watch the video above to hear more about Handler’s process of admitting and writing about her trauma. And check out Chelsea Handler’s full episode to hear her disgusting, yet eye-opening healing experience with the psychedelic drug Ayahuasca.

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