Why Billy Crudup embraced such an unlikely role in "After the Wedding"

When Billy Crudup first read the script for “After the Wedding,” a gender-flipped remake of a 2006 Danish film where he stars alongside Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams, the character he was set to play, Oscar, was unlike other roles he played before.

“He's quite opaque, he keeps everything close to the vest, and he seems really well organized as an adult, which I often don't get offered those kinds of parts,” Crudup shared with SalonTV’s Alli Joseph on “Salon Talks.” “The parts I get, they're typically complex people who are shattered in some way or another, and either behave poorly or have to recover from behaving poorly.”

The film follows a mysterious story about Williams’ character, who is trying to fund an orphanage in India, and a revelation that upends Crudup’s character’s relationship with his wife, played by Moore.

And while Oscar’s stoic nature nearly turned Crudup off because he “didn't have a way into it,” he credits Freundlich with showing him the character’s instrumental role—a foundation for everybody's sanity and love that’s then undermined.

“Being reactive as an actor, is not always so much fun,” Crudup said. “You do it sometimes. Obviously you run from monsters, or you hide from weather, but the most fun thing is somebody who is in pursuit of something, and life offers a change or it doesn't offer a change and then they have to manage the emotional consequences of that.”

“After the Wedding” was filmed in India, New York City and Oyster Bay, New York and opens in New York and LA on August 9. Watch the episode above to hear about why Moore was fascinated by the original Danish version. Plus, New York-born Freundlich and Crudup reveal their fondest memories of growing up in New York and stories from their long-time friendship, including why they don’t golf anymore.

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