A.C. Thompson

A border agent’s hateful career and the crime that finally ended it A.C. Thompson
Over 200 allegations of abuse of migrant children A.C. Thompson
An Atomwaffen member sketched a map to take neo-Nazis down. What path officials took is a mystery A.C. Thompson
Charlottesville white extremist identified as UCLA student, Northrop Grumman employee A.C. Thompson
U.S. Marine involved in Charlottesville attacks sentenced to jail A.C. Thompson
Ranks of notorious hate group include active-duty military A.C. Thompson
Inside Atomwaffen as it celebrates a member for allegedly killing a gay Jewish college student A.C. Thompson
Racist, violent, unpunished: A white hate group’s campaign of menace A.C. Thompson
A new generation of white supremacists emerges in Charlottesville A.C. Thompson
Police stood by as mayhem mounted in Charlottesville A.C. Thompson
More than 100 federal agencies fail to report hate crimes to the FBI’s national database A.C. Thompson
A few things got left out of The Daily Caller’s report on the Confederate monument rally A.C. Thompson
When the government really did fear a Bowling Green massacre — from a white supremacist A.C. Thompson
As a white nationalist, what do you do? A conversation with a scholar of America’s extreme right A.C. Thompson
California assisted living facilities face $1 million in unpaid fines A.C. Thompson
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