Anna Gorman

The homeless are dying in record numbers on the streets of L.A. Anna Gorman
How to fight "scary" superbugs? Cooperation — and a special soap Anna Gorman
Pain from the government shutdown spreads. This time it’s food stamps Anna Gorman
Call the midwife! (if the doctor doesn’t object) Anna Gorman
Overshadowed by opioids, meth is back and hospitalizations surge Anna Gorman
Rehabilitation plus rehab? Jails dispense drugs to treat inmates’ addictions Anna Gorman
Breathing "a chore": California wildfires threaten the health of young and old Anna Gorman
California hospitals urge moms to favor breast milk over formula Anna Gorman
"Scary" lung disease now afflicts more women than men in U.S. Anna Gorman
How Medicaid became a go-to funder for schools Anna Gorman
Reducing red tape for traveling nurses Anna Gorman
Pharmacists slow to dispense lifesaving overdose drug Anna Gorman
California bill addresses safety concerns at dialysis clinics Anna Gorman
Idaho sets example: Tiny facility lights the way for stressed rural hospitals Anna Gorman
‘Pre-hospice’ saves money by keeping people at home near the end of life Anna Gorman
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