Brian Tashman

With Obama gone, survivalists find new ways to sell the apocalypse Brian Tashman
100 days of Trump: delivering for the extreme religious right Brian Tashman
Robert Maginnis' warning: Washington's gays and witches corrupt politicians Brian Tashman
CPAC helped bring the alt-right into the conservative movement but now wants them out Brian Tashman
Virginia lawmaker applauds violent drug war in Philippines Brian Tashman
Conspiracy website WorldNetDaily claims the "war on Christmas" now involves physical assaults Brian Tashman
End times pastor Tom Horn: Donald Trump could be the messiah or his forerunner Brian Tashman
Two peas in a racist pod: Jeff Sessions' alarming history of opposing civil rights Brian Tashman
Inside Donald Trump's shady transition team: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, David Clarke may be leading Department of Homeland Security Brian Tashman
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