Cassie Freund

Brazil Amazon Forest Fires
There’s a straight line from Trump’s trade war with China to the destruction of the Amazon Cassie Freund
APTOPIX Italy Etna Volcano
Climate change is almost too big a problem to study. The solution? Volcanoes. Cassie Freund
Biodiversity loss is the very real end of the world and no one is acting like it Cassie Freund
Cabot Prize
How shadowy tax havens skirt conservation efforts Cassie Freund
Baby Orangutan
“Poached” takes you into the trenches of wildlife crime Cassie Freund
Science Laboratory
Why fieldwork is still crucial for science research Cassie Freund
How one invasive plant can change a rainforest Cassie Freund
Brazil OLY Doping Rio Laboratory
The hidden costs of fieldwork are making science less diverse Cassie Freund
Deer Winter
Animals feel a "landscape of fear" – just like humans Cassie Freund
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