Dan Froomkin

Dan Froomkin is Editor of Press Watch. He wrote the daily White House Watch column for the Washington Post during the George W. Bush administration, then served as Washington bureau chief and senior writer at Huffington Post, covering Barack Obama's presidency, before working as Washington editor at The Intercept.

Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg; Bernie Sanders
Warren reduced Bloomberg to rubble — but political media remains focused on stopping Bernie Dan Froomkin
Bernie Sanders; Pete Buttigieg
Pete Buttigieg attacks a straw-man version of Bernie Sanders, and media plays along Dan Froomkin
Bill Barr
Press Watch: Suckered by Barr's theatrics, political press sinks to a new low Dan Froomkin
Donald Trump
Press Watch: Finally, political journalists are sounding the alarm. They must not stop Dan Froomkin
Michael Bloomberg
Press Watch: How Mike Bloomberg's defense of racist policing made it to the New York Times Dan Froomkin
Bernie Sanders
Press Watch: Mainstream media gives Bernie only partial credit for N.H. victory Dan Froomkin
Alexander Vindman; Gordon Sondland; Donald Trump
Press Watch: Trump's vicious vendetta is just a game to the New York Times Dan Froomkin
Donald Trump
Press Watch: With Trump off his rocker, there's no excuse to let him go off the record Dan Froomkin
Nancy Pelosi; Donald Trump; Mike Pence; State Of The Union
Press Watch: State of the Union is totally abnormal, and both-sides coverage isn't enough Dan Froomkin
Dean Baquet
Press Watch: Dean Baquet interview makes clear New York Times still ruled by both-sides-ism Dan Froomkin
John Bolton
Press Watch: NYT's Peter Baker finds it amusing Dems want despised neocon to testify Dan Froomkin
Jennifer Rubin; David Frum; Bernie Sanders
Press Watch: Corporate Democrats, neocon NeverTrumpers lead media charge against Sanders Dan Froomkin
Adam Schiff
Press Watch: Adam Schiff's cry for truth and justice is also an indictment of political journalism Dan Froomkin
Reince Priebus
Press Watch: CBS hires Reince Priebus; why are liars getting paid to defend Trump on TV? Dan Froomkin
Adam Schiff
Press Watch: Democrats lay out an epic narrative, and Team Trump has no rebuttal Dan Froomkin