Dave Levinthal

Nancy Pelosi
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Trump Money
Actions, not words, tell Trump's political money story Dave Levinthal
Congress Tax Overhaul
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Federal Election Commission
New hope, new problem: Will the Federal Election Commission shut down? Dave Levinthal
Greg Gianforte
How slamming campaign finance laws helped Greg Gianforte become a congressman Dave Levinthal
Donald Trump
Will Donald Trump let the Federal Election Commission rot? Dave Levinthal
Campaign 2016 Why It Matters Taxes
Trio of Trump appointees owe IRS back taxes Dave Levinthal
Donald Trump
Federal Election Commission: a forgotten tool in Donald Trump’s ‘drain the swamp’ effort Dave Levinthal
FEC inspector general says top agency official duped her into releasing confidential criticisms Dave Levinthal
Campus crusaders: Inside the Koch brothers' plot to transform higher education Dave Levinthal
14 presidential candidates who still owe campaign debt Dave Levinthal
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