Kevin Freking

Carl DeMaio
Gay candidate faces criticism from opposing camps Kevin Freking
Afghanistan US
Thousands treated for sexual abuse-related injuries in military Kevin Freking
U.S. soldiers from Charlie and Echo Company, 4th Brigade combat team,1-508 parachute infantry Regiment walk back to FOB Shamulzai in Zabul province
VA report: 22 veterans commit suicide each day Kevin Freking
US suffers far more violent deaths than any other wealthy nation Kevin Freking
EPA Administrator Jackson announces resignation Kevin Freking
Lawmakers look to restrict gun magazine capacity Kevin Freking
Boehner on averting fiscal cliff: "God only knows" Kevin Freking
Obama hails Inouye as "extraordinary" Kevin Freking
GOP leaders remove four from plum House committees Kevin Freking
Conservatives pour new money into 6 Senate races Kevin Freking
David Wu
Oregon Congressman David Wu says he's resigning Kevin Freking
GOP spending $2 million in California Senate race Kevin Freking
GOP reserves $1.75M for ads in California Senate race Kevin Freking
Gay marriage enters California GOP Senate race Kevin Freking
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