Robert S. Becker

Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton
Confirmed: Trump’s distrusted, infantile cartoon show vs. Clinton’s distrusted, rational adult show Robert S. Becker
Citizen Kane; Donald Trump
Narcissist in chief: The danger of having Donald "Citizen" Trump in the White House Robert S. Becker
Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, John McCain
What "unity" with Trump means: For Republicans, winning is everything, principles are swept away and hypocrisy reigns Robert S. Becker
Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump
Trump like Bernie? Don't be fooled by lazy comparisons — Sanders stands for all that Trump hates Robert S. Becker
Donald Trump
Donald Trump sets his campaign on fire: A self-destructive madman has decided he wants to lose Robert S. Becker
5 glaring contradictions that sank the GOP Robert S. Becker
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