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Watch Jimmy Kimmel dance on the still-fresh grave of Graham-Cassidy

The late-night host celebrated the demise of the GOP health-care bill and offered advice to the Republican party

Rachel Leah
September 27, 2017 3:10PM (UTC)

"We got news today: it shall not pass," Jimmy Kimmel happily said of the Graham-Cassidy health care bill Tuesday night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Last week, Kimmel repeatedly warned viewers about the dangers of the legislation in the lead up to the Senate vote. He cited serious health problems with his own son as a transformation for his understanding of health care in this country. Kimmel said he felt compelled to speak up as millions of people were at risk to lose insurance because of the repeal.

"Officially, Graham Cassidy is dead. I haven't been this happy about something being dead since Bin Laden," Kimmel quipped.


The health care debate and the vehement push by Republicans to repeal Obamacare by any means necessary motivated a clear shift in Kimmel. He's been highly vocal (and visible) in speaking out against the GOP — a turn from his previous apolitical stance. "On behalf of my family, especially my son Billy, I sincerely thank those of you who called your representatives, made your voices heard and got involved to help smother this cruel piece of legislation," he said.

"While I'm relieved we dodged this particular bullet health care-wise," Kimmel continued, "we need a system that provides quality, affordable healthcare to every American."

Kimmel went on to say that while Obamacare is just a launching point, much of its failures derives from the GOP refusing to work with Barack Obama during his presidency.


"Look, I'm not a Congressman, I don't want to tell you how to do your job, but here's how to do your jobs," Kimmel said. "Instead of writing a bill by candlelight on a Bazooka wrapper in the back of a Senate broom closet and then lying about what it will do, try this: Hold a bunch of hearings." Bring in health care experts, Kimmel suggested. Then write a bill, Kimmel said. "I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes you have to think inside the box."

See the whole segment below.

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