Samantha Bee thinks she's found the first woman president, and you're not going to like it

Alas, she's probably right

By Jarrett Lyons

Published November 9, 2017 12:14PM (EST)

Samantha Bee (Getty/Emma McIntyre)
Samantha Bee (Getty/Emma McIntyre)

Samantha Bee knows her stuff.

The host of “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” once synthesized the history of Steve Bannon by taking a deep dive into a book that her viewers probably too anxiety ridden to read. She's also artfully broken down sexual harassment in the workplace to its core while offering simple solutions for it. Oh, and then there was that time she explained President Donald Trump’s plans to undermine Obamacare in a language everyone could understand.

This expertise and sagacity was put to the test on Tuesday when an audience member at an event for the New York Comedy Festival asked her if she ever thought we’d see a female president in our lifetimes.

As HuffPost reports, Bee does indeed think there will be a woman in sitting in the Oval Office in the near future: Ivanka Trump.

“I feel so sad that you asked me that question because I’m gonna give you my honest answer. It’s gonna ruin everyone’s night,” said Bee noting that her staff had attempted to convince her not to share her guess.

“I’m so sorry,” Bee continued, “I think our first female president might be Ivanka Trump.”

Groans and gasps could be heard in the audience.  

Ana Gasteyer, who was participating in the conversation, said that she thought the first female president would be more along the lines of a cast member of the “Real Housewives” franchise given that we currently have the male equivalent running the executive branch. 

“I think this is all about charisma and popularity,” Gasteyer said. “Something about American’s need to have someone they recognize from television . . .  We’re getting dumber and dumber and dumber and liking dumber and dumber people as a result.”

To be honest, there are similarities between what Gasteyer's and Bee's guesses. After all, what is the younger Trump other than a notably charismatic, shallowly intelligent reality TV housewife run through a startlingly effective etiquette program?

Jarrett Lyons

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