Seth Meyers mocks Trump's incoherent rally speech: "Your mouth is like a vuvuzela at the World Cup"

"For Trump, talking about the election is how he soothes his ego," said Meyers on "Late Night"

Published June 27, 2018 9:19AM (EDT)

Late Night with Seth Meyers (YouTube/Late Night with Seth Meyers)
Late Night with Seth Meyers (YouTube/Late Night with Seth Meyers)

President Donald Trump's speeches at campaign rallies are getting longer and more nonsensical. So on "Late Night," Seth Meyers dove in, sharing the most bizarre clips from a speech Trump made in South Carolina Monday night and ripping him to shreds for it.

"Trump last night made another stop on his Orange Collar Comedy Tour, where he held a spectacularly unhinged rally in South Carolina," Meyers said Tuesday night to open his "Closer Look" segment. "Now, these rallies are very much like public therapy sessions for Trump. But as things get worse for Trump politically and legally, these speeches seem to get weirder. And last night was no exception. Because he was all over the place."

Meyers played a montage of Trump's most manic one-liners, ranging in topics from the Olympics, nuclear warfare, Arnold Schwarzenegger and ratings, the death rate of mosquitoes, hair and lastly this line: "You know, they call them 'the elites.' 'The elites.' You know what you are? You’re the super elites. I’m changing titles. We are the super elite."

"He is so dumb, he doesn’t even understand that 'elites' was supposed to be an insult," Meyers said. "'They call Democrats out of touch intellectuals. Well, I say we’re further out of touch super intellectuals.' Seriously, think about all those random topics he just rambled on about at an official campaign rally. Trump isn’t the president. He’s more like one of the shitty algorithms that suggest other articles you might want to read. If you like 'build the wall,' you might also like 'the Olympics,' 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' and 'rich guys love rockets.'"

Another topic Trump spoke of at the rally was the 2016 election. "Uhhhhh, how many times are you going to tell this story?!" Meyers groaned, imitating a frustrated child. "Uhhh, Grandpa, I heard this story!"

He continued, "For Trump, talking about the election is how he soothes his ego and yesterday, he rambled on about it for a very long time, at one point even acknowledging that he was bragging about himself, because no one else would do it for him."

"Late Night" played a clip of Trump telling the crowd: "Sometimes you have to toot your own horn. Because nobody else is going to do it. Certainly they’re not going to do it."

"Oh, you just figured that out?" Meyers replied. "You’ve been putting your name on buildings for 40 years and you just decided it’s time to toot your own horn? Also, you don’t toot. You are constantly blowing your horn. Your mouth is like a vuvuzela at the World Cup. In fact, your rallies would make exactly the same amount of sense if they sounded like this."

Meyers played a clip where every time Trump spoke, the obnoxious sound of a vuvuzela came out instead. His audience roared.

Meyers also called out the president for lying about the progress of the border wall, which was the cornerstone of his 2016 presidential campaign. "If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country. You don’t have a country," Trump said at the rally.

His supporters chanted: "Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!" And Trump corrected them, "Oh, it's happening. It's not 'build that wall' anymore, it's 'continue building that wall.'"

"Continue building that wall?" Meyers said. "Not only is that wrong, it’s a much worse chant. Although I guess it’s better than 'continue building and repairing that previously approved fencing,'" referencing the only directive Congress has approved so far when it comes to improved border security there.

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