Chris Christie questions whether Trump is "nuts" as ex-president continues to spout election lies

"We need to give our supporters facts that will help put all these fantasies to rest"

Published November 14, 2021 4:00AM (EST)

Chris Christie; Donald Trump (AP/Getty/Salon)
Chris Christie; Donald Trump (AP/Getty/Salon)

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According to a report from the Guardian, based upon Chris Christie's new book, the former New Jersey governor suggests that former president Donald Trump might not be mentally well as he continues to insist the election was stolen from him despite all evidence to the contrary.

In his book "Republican Rescue: Saving the Party from Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and the Dangerous Policies of Joe Biden," to be published Monday, the GOP lawmaker offers a prescription for what ails the party and a large part of that is leaving Trump behind and looking toward the future.

According to the Guardian's Marton Pengelly, who obtained a copy of the book, its main theme echoes Christie's comments made last week at a GOP fundraiser where he said complaining about the 2020 election results should be "over."

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With that in mind, Pengelly writes that Christie makes note of Trump's obsession with his loss, with the Guardian report stating, "The former governor does not say if he thinks Trump knows better about his claims of electoral fraud, or is one of those who is 'nuts,'" with Christie writing, "We need to give our supporters facts that will help put all these fantasies to rest, so everyone can focus with clear minds on the issues that really matter. We need to quit wasting our time, our energy and our credibility on claims that won't ever convince anyone or bring fresh converts onboard."

Christie also takes aim at controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), saying the former president only puts up with her because he likes "anyone who says nice things about him."

Christie also dismisses the QAnon faction of the Republican Party, writing, they "would be ridiculous" if they weren't "so sad."

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