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If you want to get outdoors more but are a little intimidated by campfire management, BioLite’s FirePit+ is for you

By Shane Roberts

Commerce Contributor

Published January 2, 2022 11:01AM (EST)

BioLite FirePit+ (Courtesy of BioLite)
BioLite FirePit+ (Courtesy of BioLite)

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BioLite has been the most exciting name in outdoor cooking for the better part of a decade. The FirePit+, a combination portable campfire and grill, is their most approachable product to date.

The FirePit+ uses the battery-powered airflow technology the brand perfected with their backpack-friendly stoves to maintain a safe, efficient and adjustable charcoal or wood fire. Sturdy foldable legs keep the unit elevated, while the warmth — and visuals — delivered by the FirePit+'s mesh body are spectacular.



Wood & Charcoal Burning Fire Pit

For anyone who wants to get outdoors more but is a little intimidated by campfire management, this is an essential product and perfect gift.

Buy for $250

At around 20 pounds, the FirePit+ isn't ultralight by any stretch, but it's perfect for car camping, backyard grilling, beach nights, tailgating and even balcony use (check your local fire codes). For anyone who wants to get outdoors more but is a little intimidated by campfire management, this is an essential product and perfect gift.

At $250, the FirePit+ is certainly an investment. Those who plan to cook with their FirePit+ regularly should definitely consider the optional Lid and Griddle, with the opportunity to save 10% when buying any four FirePit products (including the FirePit+). It's not going to make better burgers than say, a pellet grill, but intuitively adjustable fire intensity does offer a lot more precision than much of the competition. You can make those fire tweaks and monitor battery usage via Bluetooth and an app, but unless you're controlling multiple other BioLite products like lighting (which you should be), that option is mostly a novelty.

The FirePit+ is everything most people need in both a grill and portable fire, and it's simple and safe enough to be used by anyone. 

BioLite splits their efforts between innovating in the recreational outdoor activities category and bringing safer, more efficient and more sustainable sources of energy to emerging markets.

Because no campfire is complete without S'Mores: 

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By Shane Roberts

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