5 best Costco food deals for Black Friday

From pantry staples to premium chocolates

By Michael La Corte

Deputy Food Editor

Published November 25, 2022 5:45AM (EST)

A Costco store (Eric Thayer/Getty Images)
A Costco store (Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

Costco, which has 845 stores across the world, is known for its low prices on bulk goods. For example, the warehouse chain sells pecan pies that weigh more than 4 pounds for only $16.99.

Thus, it may come as no surprise that some of the retailer's best Black Friday deals involve food. From pantry staples to premium chocolates, we scanned the list of sales to look for the best of the best.

Some on-sale items are available for delivery (which may impact the price), while others are offered for a special bulk discount. As always, remember that availability and prices vary by location.

Without further ado, here are Costco's top food deals for Black Friday 2022:

David's Cookies Butter Pecan Meltaways 
These buttery, crumbly cookies are rife with pecan and dusted with powdered sugar. They would not only be welcome on a holiday cookie platter but also alongside a warm cup of coffee or tea. According to the description on Costco's website, these "treats are made with pure creamy butter and large pecan chunks and have just the right amount of powdered sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth."
Deal: $5 off for a 2-pack online, otherwise $2.50 off in stores. Limit 10.
Godiva Premium Chocolate Variety Assorted Chocolates

What's the perfect coffee table mainstay for the holidays? A box of chocolates.


This assortment has something for fans of every type of chocolate: dark, milk and white. Per Costco, the 27 pieces inside boast "the finest fillings, including heavenly hazelnut praline, refreshing raspberry, sweet white chocolate ganache, luscious caramel and more."


Deal: Available online in a discounted, $58.99 4-pack, otherwise $5.20 off in stores. Limit 10.

Savanna Orchards Honey Roasted Nut & Pistachios

A salty-sweet can of nuts is a nice thing to have on hand to share with visitors during the holidays. This honey-roasted mix features a blend of almonds, cashews, pecans and pistachios.


You can eat these straight out of the can as you watch a holiday movie, but they could be enjoyed in so many different ways. These types of mixed nuts are terrific alongside charcuterie boards; atop salads and sweet potatoes; or roasted with vegetables.


Deal: Available online in a discounted two-pack for $6 off, otherwise $3 off in stores. Limit 3.


Sonoma Creamery Pepper Jack Crisps

You can snack on them solo, but these crackers would also make a great accouterment for cheese platters or rich and festive dips. "Based on our famous Sonoma hot pepper Jack recipe, we bake in 10-month aged Parmesan and a sprinkling of certified gluten-free organic ancient grains for a crunchy, craveable bite," the description on Costco's website reads. "Each bite delivers a delightful crunch with a mild kick of heat." 


These sure sound like a crowd-pleaser!


Deal: $2.50 off in stores. No limit.

*This product is available for delivery, but comes at a higher price.

Kirkland Signature Evaporated Milk

Sometimes a contested item due to its seemingly oxymoronic name, evaporated milk is a really convenient pantry staple to have on hand around the holidays. Essentially an unsweetened condensed milk with a bulk of the water content removed, it can be used in baked goods, breakfast items, hot chocolate and so many other foods.


Deal: $3 off in stores. Limit 5.

*This product is available for delivery, but comes at a higher price.

By Michael La Corte

Michael is a food writer, recipe editor and educator based in his beloved New Jersey. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, he worked in restaurants, catering and supper clubs before pivoting to food journalism and recipe development. He also holds a BA in psychology and literature from Pace University.

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