Trump is scared sh**less: He can't handle the truth, so he wouldn't let Biden talk

Trump's no strongman: He's a coward who listens to no one and hides behind the fascists he urges to "stand by"

“That was a sh*tshow”: Even Fox News can’t defend Trump after he refused to denounce white supremacy

"Trump blew the biggest layup in the history of debate," Fox News host Brian Kilmeade says. "Are you against evil?"

A debate that will live in infamy: That sweaty, red-faced liar is actually our president

We already knew Trump was a national embarrassment. Did he think his sneering-bully act would win back voters?

The traumatizing terror of Trump's debate performance: We just witnessed an assault on democracy

In the first confrontation between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, democracy lost and the audience took a beating

Rev. Al Sharpton on Trump, Biden and America: "This is a hard test for the country"

Veteran civil rights leader has known Donald Trump for 30 years: He "truly does see himself as a dictator"

"No question about it": Former Watergate prosecutor predicts Trump and Ivanka may end up behind bars

"Any decent prosecutor" could make a "pretty viable" case, Nick Akerman, who investigated Nixon's tax returns, says

Why the Midwest can't defeat the coronavirus

We know how to stop the coronavirus' spread. But culture and politics are getting in the way in the heartland

Judge initiates contempt proceedings after Trump’s commerce secretary allegedly defies census order

Judge Lucy Koh had earlier issued a preliminary injunction ordering the census count to continue through October

Fox News host grills Trump spokesman on his Proud Boys remarks: "They’re celebrating it"

Trump’s request that the far-right Proud Boys group “stand back and stand by” has drawn heavy criticism

Secretive group who bankrolled Brett Kavanaugh confirmation is now backing Amy Coney Barrett: report

The Judicial Crisis Network will spend at least $10 million to promote Barrett’s nomination to replace Ginsburg

Noam Chomsky: Trump is a "sociopathic maniac" capable of provoking "civil war" if he does not win

"We have a sociopathic maniac in the White House," Chomsky says

Undecided voters praise Biden’s debate performance while labeling Trump “unhinged” and a “crackhead”

Biden debating Trump was “like trying to win an argument with a crackhead," Ruthie from Pennsylvania says

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