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The 50 most streamed one-hit wonders Ellen Gutoskey
"Somebody That I Used to Know" won the unofficial blue ribbon with more than 810 million plays
05/31/2021 17:00 UTC
Paul and Linda McCartney's "Ram": Dramatic pop virtuosity that still shines brightly at 50 Kenneth Womack
The delights of "Ram" are back on a limited-edition, half-speed mastered pressing for its 50th anniversary
05/19/2021 15:00 UTC
Moby is happily boring now: "I look at the desperation that I had ... I don't glorify the past" Mary Elizabeth Williams
The influential artist appeared on "Salon Talks" to discuss his unconventional "Moby Doc" & his true life's calling
05/27/2021 21:00 UTC
Is Kentucky Derby anthem "My Old Kentucky Home" pro-slavery or anti-slavery? Christopher Lynch
Tracing the history of the state song played at the Kentucky Derby & the widely contradictory interpretations of it
05/01/2021 19:30 UTC
Prince: Why, five years after his death, the Purple One still reigns Adam Behr
Despite the musician's jaw-dropping technique and stagecraft, Prince's legacy retains an air of mystery
04/24/2021 18:59 UTC
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. of the Fifth Dimension on reinterpreting Beatles songs for today Nicole Michael
On this episode of "Everything Fab Four," Ken Womack interviews one iconic duo covering another: Lennon-McCartney
04/24/2021 13:00 UTC
Catwoman's oral sex scene erasure is just one more way media denies women sexual pleasure Kylie Cheung
A "Harley Quinn" scene in which Batman goes down on Catwoman has been cut. Why? "Heroes don't do that"
06/15/2021 21:58 UTC
How iceberg lettuce wedged its way into American culture Caroline Hatchett
And why we just can’t quit eating the crunchy produce
05/28/2021 14:59 UTC
In praise of Cher, the self-proclaimed "Betty White of Rock 'n' Roll" Annie Zaleski
Talented, confident and versatile, Cher has become a beacon of resiliency, and we're lucky to have her
05/29/2021 15:00 UTC
Why our dislikes should be celebrated as much as our likes Jonathan Gray
Reveling in dislike can give us a modicum of control in a world that inundates us with content
04/26/2021 00:00 UTC
Rick Schroder joins anti-vax protesters outside first full capacity Foo Fighters concert Kylie Cheung
Protesters were armed with signs that carried such messages as, “Foo Fighters fight to bring segregation back"
06/17/2021 01:17 UTC
Rudy Giuliani and MyPillow's Mike Lindell win big at the Razzies, which honors the worst in film Hanh Nguyen
"Oh boy, here come the demands for a recount," says the Razzies announcer
04/24/2021 22:49 UTC
“I said goodbye like a lover": Sending off problem foods like a New Orleans jazz funeral Maggie Hennessy
A lactose-intolerant friend unearths a joyous way to (mostly) eighty-six her beloved cheese
06/06/2021 21:30 UTC
Unknown number of farmers' markets expected to permanently close due to pandemic hardships Bridget Shirvell
Not only are they the heart of many communities but they serve as a vital part of many farmer's business models
05/26/2021 11:59 UTC
Lil Nas X’s dance with the devil evokes tradition of resisting, mocking religious demonization S. Kyle Johnson
Looking for the meaning of Lil Nas X’s latest video? The detail is in the devil
04/17/2021 16:59 UTC