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The nuclearization of American diplomacy: A game of nuclear chicken with Russia and China Michael T. Klare
Talking tough and carrying a radioactive stick
10/18/2020 22:19 UTC
Russian media may be joining China and Iran in turning against Trump Robert Hinck - Skye Cooley - Robert Utterback
Chinese outlets that once relayed cautious optimism over Trump’s deal-making abilities now express exasperation
10/21/2020 10:23 UTC
FBI investigating Hunter Biden emails as possible Russian disinformation operation: reports Roger Sollenberger
Social media sites restricted sharing a report about the unverified emails amid questions about their authenticity
10/17/2020 00:19 UTC
Russian state hackers are accused of trying to infiltrate Biden's campaign firm Matthew Rozsa
One expert told Salon that Trump must "commit to complete transparency" about foreign threats to the 2020 election
09/14/2020 22:15 UTC
Why Trump was never investigated as a Russian agent David Cay Johnston
Stunning revelations about the failure to investigate Trump’s loyalty to the Kremlin
09/04/2020 10:07 UTC
“Political hit job”: GOP’s Biden report littered with debunked claims and “Russian disinformation” Igor Derysh
The GOP's much-hyped report recycles allegations that were debunked a year ago. It also undermines its own findings
09/23/2020 23:07 UTC
"There's no agreement on facts": Alex Gibney's look at Russian interference shows America's weakness Melanie McFarland
How strong is our democracy? "Talk to me in eight weeks," HBO's "Agents of Chaos" filmmaker tells Salon
09/23/2020 23:30 UTC
Rudy Giuliani collaborated on smear of Joe Biden with "active Russian agent" Roger Sollenberger
Giuliani promoted false charges about Biden made by Ukrainian legislator who's now under U.S. Treasury sanctions
09/14/2020 10:00 UTC
Federal official who interfered with CDC reports on COVID-19 has deep ties to Russia: report Alex Henderson
Michael Caputo’s Kremlin ties "were so concerning that he became a target" of special counsel Bob Mueller's probe
09/14/2020 18:58 UTC
Top prosecutor on DOJ's investigation of the Russia probe just resigned out of fear of Bill Barr Alex Henderson
The investigative team is reportedly being pressed for political reasons produce a report before its work is done
09/12/2020 17:25 UTC
Feds admit "Putin’s favorite congressman" offered to pardon Assange if he hid Russian interference Brad Reed
Former Rep. Dana Rohrabacher offered WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a pardon from Pres. Trump, prosecutors affirm
09/18/2020 17:28 UTC
DHS blocked warning that Russia planned to smear Biden’s mental health from law enforcement: report Igor Derysh
Trump has repeatedly echoed the smears while his campaign bought ads questioning Biden’s “geriatric mental health”
09/02/2020 14:45 UTC
Bill Barr suggests that China poses more of a threat to election security than Russia Cody Fenwick
Bill Barr shows his true face in a startlingly arrogant and partisan interview on CNN
09/03/2020 07:00 UTC
NYT reporter's new book makes explosive Russia, Mueller claims — that Times didn't report Roger Sollenberger
Michael Schmidt's book claims Trump believed he could "settle" with Mueller, wanted John Kelly to replace Comey
08/31/2020 16:04 UTC
Four years later, Republican senators admit, "yes, Trump conspired with the Russians" Terry H. Schwadron
The Trump-Putin election scheming is laid out in the Republican-led Intelligence Committee’s 1,000-page report
08/22/2020 11:29 UTC