Mexico’s acting star Kate del Castillo on bringing border violence stories to New York stage

Actor, activist and producer Kate del Castillo had built her decades-long career as an internationally acclaimed star. In 2016, she found herself suddenly being defined in relation to two powerful men

Sean Penn and El Chapo. "That's been for sure one of the worst moments in my life," she told SalonTV's Mary Elizabeth Williams on "Salon Talks." "Because I'm a woman, they wanted to destroy me. They even said that I was la puta of El Chapo."

But del Castillo has come back stronger than ever, with a new season "La Reina del Sur" on Netflix and a New York stage debut in the powerful one woman show "the way she spoke." Based on the decades-long plague of femicide in Juarez, it's a drama that's also a call to action.

"The narrative is still from men," she said. "Until we change who's writing the narratives, it's not going to change. We live in a macho world, still, not only Latinos. The other day somebody told me, 'Yeah, this problem women have with #MeToo....' The women? Men are the ones who are killing women. Men are the ones who are raping women. Actually, it's a men's problem. As an activist I go to places and talk, and they're always, 'We need more women like you.' No. We need more men like me."

"The way she spoke," is playing at New York's Minetta Lane Theatre until August 18. Audible will record and release "the way she spoke" as an audio play, now available for preorder and download on Audible. Watch the interview above to hear why del Castillo calls the coverage of her El Chapo visit one of the worst moments of her life.

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