Haroon Moghul

How to be a Muslim at NYU after 9/11 Haroon Moghul
We're talking about the wrong extremists: The radicals who must be stopped are Trump and the GOP, not Muslims Haroon Moghul
All of our choices are bad, and we helped make it that way: ISIS, Islam and the real story of our decades-long foreign-policy disaster Haroon Moghul
Aasif Mandvi: "Hollywood's heroes are still Caucasian" Haroon Moghul
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is hurting Islam: Why her radical reformation is in desperate need of reform Haroon Moghul
The Atlantic's big Islam lie: What Muslims really believe about ISIS Haroon Moghul
Richard Dawkins steps in it again Haroon Moghul
The Turkish protests are not the Arab Spring Haroon Moghul
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