Jacques Berlinerblau

Jacques Berlinerblau (@Berlinerblau; jberlinerblau.com) is a professor of Jewish civilization at Georgetown University. He has written numerous scholarly books and articles on the subject of secularism, his most recent being "Secularism: The Basics" (Routledge). He has also published "Blacks and Jews in America: An Invitation to Dialogue" (Georgetown) with Terrence L. Johnson. He wishes to thank Denise Altman for her research assistance. He is currently working on "Can I Laugh At That? Comedy in the Age of Cancellation."

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Saturday Night Live host Dave Chappelle
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Neil Gorsuch; Jesus; Thomas Jefferson
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January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot; James Madison; John Locke
Philip Roth; Dave Chapelle
Philip Roth
Jon Ossoff; Raphael Warnock
Secularists are not atheists Jacques Berlinerblau
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