Jim Abrams

House passes sweeping anti-abortion bill Jim Abrams
IRS to clamp down on identity theft Jim Abrams
Senate approves anti-violence against women act Jim Abrams
Senate tries again to move anti-violence bill Jim Abrams
Democrats try to resuscitate Violence Against Women Act Jim Abrams
Republican opposition downs UN disability treaty Jim Abrams
House to vote on increasing advanced-degree visas Jim Abrams
House bill ends funding of party conventions Jim Abrams
Obama, in Europe, signs Patriot Act extension Jim Abrams
Congress has midnight deadline on anti-terror bill Jim Abrams
House votes to repeal "net neutrality" rules Jim Abrams
Congress extends Patriot Act measures for 90 days Jim Abrams
T.S.A. head will not budge on full-body scans Jim Abrams
Big names rally support for Obama's nuclear treaty Jim Abrams
Senate passes $600 million border security bill Jim Abrams