Matthew Daly

Jason Chaffetz
Jason Chaffetz is still investigating Hillary Clinton's emails Matthew Daly
Elizabeth Warren
1902 fistfight gave rise to arcane rule that silenced Warren Matthew Daly
TEC-Virtual Reality-Obama-National Parks
Park Service workers step up Twitter campaign against Trump Matthew Daly
Endangered Species Fight
Where'd the animals go? GOP targets landmark Endangered Species Act for big changes Matthew Daly
Trump Inauguration Restrooms
Don's what? Portable toilet names covered for inauguration Matthew Daly
US Israel
Pushing back on Israel, Secretary of State John Kerry defends Obama's action on UN vote Matthew Daly
Flint Water
House, Senate leaders reach deal on California drought, Flint water crisis Matthew Daly
Donald Trump
Donald Trump's transition team balks at call for nominees' tax returns Matthew Daly
Trump-Oil Pipeline
Donald Trump's stock in Dakota Access oil pipeline company raises concern Matthew Daly
Campaign 2016 Clinton Emails Down Ballot
Is Hillary Clinton's email saga hurting down-ballot Democrats? Matthew Daly
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