Robert Mann

Robert Mann is Manship Chair of Journalism at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication and author of “Daisy Petals and Mushroom Clouds: LBJ, Barry Goldwater and the Ad that Changed American Politics.”

Donald Trump is David Duke in a nicer suit: Compare their views and just try to tell them apart Robert Mann
This is why David Vitter lost: Gutter politics from a prostitute-procuring politician don't work against a conservative Democrat from West Point Robert Mann
Let's mock Bobby Jindal one last time: An attention-seeker with no clear message abandons one of the worst presidential campaigns ever Robert Mann
David Vitter's desperate last stand: He throws his wife under the bus -- again Robert Mann
David Vitter, dead man walking: Louisiana's most feared Republican is now its most loathed -- and he's going to lose Robert Mann
David Vitter hooker shocker: New charges that Louisiana pol missed vote honoring soldiers while scheduling prostitute rendezvous Robert Mann
David Vitter is a cheap political prostitute: Even Louisiana racists smell the desperation in his foul new campaign ad Robert Mann
The modern news conference is a scripted farce: Why Jorge Ramos' badgering of Donald Trump was a necessary corrective Robert Mann
Prayer won't stop guns: The cruel hypocrisy behind the right's refusal to talk about gun violence Robert Mann
Donald Trump's size doesn't matter. Also, he's probably exaggerating it Robert Mann
Bobby Jindal, shameful hypocrite: Only answers for gun violence are hugs, shrugs and prayers Robert Mann
Fox News just lets Bobby Jindal get away with his big lie Robert Mann
Bobby Jindal, cynical charlatan: How a one-time GOP star turned into another scheming religious wingnut Robert Mann
Bobby Jindal's dishonest scheme: Even fellow Republicans are embarrassed by this one Robert Mann
Hillary Clinton's lessons from Richard Nixon: What his winning 1968 race can teach her about image and comebacks Robert Mann
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