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s.e. smith is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in Bitch, Feministe, Global Comment, the Sun Herald, the Guardian, and other publications. Follow smith on Twitter: @sesmithwrites.

APTOPIX Disability and Desperation
Following South Dakota's example: How states are trying to end the disability unemployment crisis s.e. smith
Union Protest
Privatizing the public sector is actually costing taxpayers money s.e. smith
Barack Obama
"Modern racism lurks in the shadows of equality": Why colorblind school policies have failed black people s.e. smith
America's telecom nightmare is just beginning: What the failed Time Warner merger means for us all s.e. smith
It's worse than Wal-Mart: 7 ways retail jobs exploit (and steal) from their employees s.e. smith
Fifty Shades of Grey
7 things "50 Shades of Grey" won't teach you about BDSM s.e. smith
What movie audiences get wrong about Jennifer Lawrence s.e. smith
The quiet riot against Facebook Messenger s.e. smith
CBS' James Corden debacle: Why the newest face in late night is yet another white man's s.e. smith
The real problem with sexy profile pics s.e. smith
Sexting's perverse double standard: Why girls are set up to fail s.e. smith
Disabled -- and handcuffed at school s.e. smith
The disposable professor crisis s.e. smith
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