Salon member comments of the week: "Overpopulation meets capitalism"

Factory farming, college debt and a guy named Pete: What we were talking about this week

By Mary Elizabeth Williams

Senior Writer

Published April 26, 2019 6:00PM (EDT)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, of South Bend, Indiana (Getty/Alex Wong)
Mayor Pete Buttigieg, of South Bend, Indiana (Getty/Alex Wong)

I studied factory farms for years. Visiting one was far worse than I imagined

This the the result of overpopulation meets capitalism. I own an organic farm. All our livestock are free range, they lead quite comfortable lives, are slaughtered quickly with minimal suffering. Unfortunately as a business model there is no profit, it serves mostly to feed my family. In order to make profit and feed the teaming billions on the planet farming has to be done on a high volume industrial scale in order to cover costs and demand. But this is not to say the cruelty is necessary, that is the result of the shareholder demand for higher profits. Vegan/vegetarian is also highly reliant on organic fertilizer, which is generated by livestock.  — blackout brett

Don't sweat, Ivy Leaguers: Elizabeth Warren's college plan can't hurt you

"At the conservative outlet Washington Examiner, an editor called her proposal "tremendously unfair to those who have been struggling for years to pay off their student loans,"  

Oh.. yeah.. then lets not do the right thing.   There is more than a little faux concern from the journalist at the Washington Examiner.   I seriously doubt that most people who have been making payments are going to be aggrieved because the issue of student loan debt was finally addressed.

If that's the best argument against Warren's proposal, we are in pretty good shape.

If we were to apply his logic...  Social Security was unfair to all those seniors who lived in poverty and paid their own way as best they could. — William Butterfield

Thank God for Pete Buttigieg, the Christian right's kryptonite

I've been a fan of Buttigieg since my days in South Bend. A couple years ago, when he made noise to be the DNC chair, I thought he'd make a good candidate for governor or senator. Unfortunately, Indiana is so deep red that he'd probably never win. There are only about four solidly blue counties in the Hoosier State of Mind. Sure, they're heavily populated, but still not enough to break the red wall that the Indiana Democratic Party allowed to get built unfettered since 2009.

That's why I'm glad to see Buttigieg break the rules and go straight for president. I'm not sure if he'll win, but he's changed the dynamic of the race a lot. Now we'll see if he can turn that "new candidate smell" into a legitimate challenge. — indy otto

Arya Stark is an adult woman: "Game of Thrones" sex shock is rooted in hypocritical purity culture

I wasn’t shocked because Ayra used to be little for and is now a young woman. More that she’s been asexual and completely focused on revenge. But the moment felt in character, which is what is supposed give the actors a real motivation, not just a scene to get their ‘kit off’ as the Brits says. It’s the end of the world, there’s the guy she has a crush on and she goes after what she wants. This is Ayra now. — Mr. Duck

By Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams is a senior writer for Salon and author of "A Series of Catastrophes & Miracles."

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