Martha Stewart's best and most comforting Thanksgiving sides

Turn to the domestic doyenne for some top-tier recommendations for Turkey Day sides

By Michael La Corte

Deputy Food Editor

Published November 21, 2023 10:02AM (EST)

Martha Stewart (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images)
Martha Stewart (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images)

Many have relied on fellow New Jersey native Martha Stewart's advice and recommendations for years and years. Thanksgiving — and the holidays in general — are a prime time to bring Martha's input into your home, from food to decor and everything in between.

While some focus on the turkey itself (or perhaps get caught up on the libations, appetizers or the desserts) the sides are the place in which creativity and tradition can meld most seamlessly. 

So, as you finalize your Thanksgiving menu and plans, look to Martha for a way to help organize and pinpoint precisely the sides that might decorate your table. 

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Corn is often a staple of the Thanksgiving side repertoire, but the corn pudding is not as ubiquitous as some other sides. This recipe uses frozen corn flavored with scallions, Monterey Jack cheese, eggs, cream, butter — and of course — Hatch green chiles, which add color, texture and a hint of heat to the dish. Thanksgiving is often devoid of much spice, but this dish adds a certain kick. 
A fresh take on carrots, this charred variation topped with an amazing flavorful dukkah containing oats, pistachios, sesame seeds and a slew of spices and seasonings will really appeal to your taste buds. The recipe also calls for honey and an egg white. Everyone will be fond of this dish. 


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A classic! Smooth and rich with tons of marshmallows atop a buttery, nutmeg-scented sweet potato mash, this side is sure to be a smash hit. This version has no nuts, but feel free to toss some pecans (or even cinnamon) into the mix to gussy it up all the more. 
Stuffing is a Thanksgiving non-negotiable, but adding festive, meaty chestnuts to the classic elevates it to new heights. The other suspects are all present, rom bread and butter to onions, celery and sage. Cook it in a sheet tray for lots of crispy, craggy bits. 
This version is akin to the many truly "homemade" green bean casseroles that opt or a from-scratch mushroom sauce and just-fried shallots. This may seem like it calls for lots of oil, but it's important to have enough to properly fry the shallots. Otherwise, the recipe calls for green beans, mushrooms, butter, broth and milk . . . that's all!
It's sure to be a favorite.

By Michael La Corte

Michael is a food writer, recipe editor and educator based in his beloved New Jersey. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, he worked in restaurants, catering and supper clubs before pivoting to food journalism and recipe development. He also holds a BA in psychology and literature from Pace University.

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