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Terrible news for Hillary Clinton: Bill Kristol thinks she's going to win

Brian Williams resigns from Congressional Medal of Honor board

I’m a chronic masturbator: "Just one more and I'll be on my way"

Watch Stephen Malkmus cover Taylor Swift's "Blank Space"

Louisiana police chief apologizes for unconstitutional anti-sodomy crackdown

A group of upstate towns are threatening to secede over New York's fracking ban

Bill O'Reilly's masculinity problem: Why anchormen feel the need to be war heroes

Rejoice! Jason Biggs won't be appearing on season three of "Orange Is the New Black"

This cool video visualizes the lack of diversity in Oscars' history

Former "SNL" cast member Victoria Jackson: Obama is "an Islamic jihadist"

Bill O'Reilly plays the victim after Mother Jones report: "This is a political hit job"

When marriage is an act of political protest

Juliana Hatfield: "What is the opposite of 'I Wanna Sex You Up'?"

Dirty, sister, daydream: I wanted Kim Gordon's bad-assitude

"Whiplash" confirms what this drummer already knew: Jazz is full of arrogant, sadistic jerks

North Korean leader inspects artillery drill

Curry, Thompson lead well-rested Warriors past Spurs, 110-99

How the CIA gets away with it: Our democracy is their real enemy

5 ways the GOP is valiantly trying to make Americans as dumb as possible

The GOP's Giuliani disaster: Why Rudy's vile nonsense is a big problem for Republicans

Russian conscripts tell of fears of being sent to Ukraine

Billy Corgan: Pop is trying to obliterate rock 'n' roll

The South's true face of hate: Oozing nonsense from demented and influential corners of religious right

Bill Maher: "Why are they impoverished and uneducated? It's mostly because of the religion"

America loves its war porn: "American Sniper" and the Hollywood propaganda machine

"American Sniper's" twisted empathy: Chris Kyle, our police forces, and the kill ratio America gets wrong

Robert Reich: Ditch the Keystone XL pipeline altogether!

Downfall of a simulated celebrity: Brian Williams, Max Headroom and the performance of credibility

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