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"Strikes on ISIS are a trap": Journalist held hostage by ISIS warns bombing is helping it

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Who's really getting naked at the gym: "There has never been more voyeurism and exhibitionism in the locker room than there is now"

Playing by Johnny Marr's rules: "I love living in the modern world, but I just don’t accept a laptop as being a band member"

The genius of "Tusk": Fleetwood Mac could have followed "Rumours" with more of the same — but they made this visionary masterpiece instead

"I did so many bad things with my genitals": Blink-182's Travis Barker opens up on sex, drugs, plane crashes and Christianity

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Selling desperate Syrian refugees' body parts for profit: Israeli man arrested in Turkey for organ trafficking

Convicted drug dealers are political prisoners: I should know — I was one

Muslim fever goes viral: After Paris and San Bernardino, Islam-bashing is back and bigger than ever

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