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Why does Saturn have rings and Jupiter doesn't? A computer model may have figured it out Matthew Rozsa
Researchers point the finger of blame at Jupiter's own massive moons
07/22/2022 20:25 UTC
Beyond Jan. 6: Trump's mob violence is now the standard GOP model Heather Digby Parton
Trump encouraged his followers to use threats and intimidation to force political acquiescence over democracy
06/22/2022 13:55 UTC
The 7 most shocking Victoria's Secret revelations from Hulu's "Angels and Demons" docuseries Joy Saha
The three-part series explores the dark story of sexual exploitation behind America's largest lingerie brand
07/22/2022 22:51 UTC
"Aiding and abetting": SC GOP pushes “blatantly unconstitutional” bill to ban abortion info online Brett Wilkins
"These are going to be laws that spread like wildfire through states that have shown hostility to abortion"
07/25/2022 15:30 UTC
What "Love Island" can teach young people about commitment Veronica Lamarche
In fact, "Love Island" is a perfect illustration of the investment model of relationships
07/04/2022 13:00 UTC
Americans are coming around on electric cars Julia Kane
More than a third said they'd consider buying or leasing an EV
07/12/2022 12:15 UTC
Ex-Husband sues clinic over abortion wife had four years ago Nicole Santa Cruz
Experts say Arizona lawsuit shows how civil suits could be used to intimidate providers and punish people
07/19/2022 08:28 UTC
Four ways your TV subscriptions could change because of the cost of living crisis Paolo Aversa
Platforms are scrambling to limit damage, with Amazon Prime the latest to announce a price hike to combat inflation
08/06/2022 14:59 UTC
What the anti-abortion movement wants next — and how we can respond Gillian Kane
Undoing Roe was just the beginning: Anti-choice forces want a national ban, and more. We're ready to fight back
06/25/2022 16:00 UTC
Resisting fascism and winning the education wars: How we can meet the challenge Henry A. Giroux
Education is under attack — because it is essential to democracy. Educators can fight back, and turn the tide
07/30/2022 16:00 UTC
Right's new social studies plan vows to fight CRT, wokeness and the "overthrow of America" Kathryn Joyce
"American Birthright" elevates Western civilization, pushes Christianity and rejects all talk of "social justice"
07/08/2022 10:30 UTC
Do we need photos of violence to galvanize support for change? Jared Del Rosso
Visual images of suffering are both more and less powerful than we like to admit
07/16/2022 14:28 UTC
We don't need no education: Now Arizona says teachers don't require college degrees Kathryn Joyce
Right's attack on education heats up: Days after sweeping voucher law, Arizona rolls back teacher licensing rules
07/12/2022 13:46 UTC
Why parenting books can make you feel bad about yourself Olga Mecking
They supposedly offer childrearing advice — but for many parents, they just make us more miserable. Here’s why
07/17/2022 23:30 UTC
Lesley Manville is endearing in "Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris," a feel-good couture fairy tale Gary M. Kramer
Leave your cynicism at the door and embrace Anthony Fabian's confection about dreams, pluck and Christian Dior
07/14/2022 21:39 UTC