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How a QAnon influencer — who hints he may be JFK Jr. — became central to GOP election denial
QAnon troll and "consummate bulls**tter" Juan O Savin somehow assembled a coalition of GOP election-deniers
10/08/2022 10:00 UTC
QAnon and the riot at the U.S. Capitol: The offline effect of online conspiracy theories
Conspiracy theories spread online are the backbone of Donald Trump's falsehoods about his loss in the U.S. election
01/10/2021 11:59 UTC
QAnon hasn’t gone away — it’s alive and kicking in states across the country
QAnon members are influencing the GOP at the state and local level
04/29/2021 20:27 UTC
Many QAnon followers report having mental health diagnoses
Data indicates QAnon believers may be more likely to be mentally ill
03/30/2021 00:59 UTC
Trump embraces support from QAnon: They "like me very much" and "love America"
Crossing a hallucinatory line, Trump links delusional conspiracy theory to his protest crackdown and border wall
08/20/2020 10:00 UTC
Devout Christians are much more likely to fall for QAnon conspiracies: poll
White evangelicals appear to be much more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, a new poll found
08/06/2021 08:30 UTC
The rise of "QMaga": Conspiracy theorists, Christian nationalists unite as MAGA movement gets darker
GOP is "now willing to follow Trump further into the depths of fearmongering and madness," columnist writes
09/27/2022 03:59 UTC
Republican who promoted QAnon wins Delaware Senate primary despite opposition from GOP
Lauren Witzke also says she used to be a drug runner for “Mexican cartels”
09/16/2020 18:27 UTC
Trump selects QAnon-linked supporter as his "special guest speaker" for new rally
Trump is featuring a major QAnon supporter at an Arizona MAGA rally scheduled for this Saturday
01/11/2022 22:19 UTC
Cult recovery experts explain how to "deprogram" QAnon adherents
QAnon followers often want to feel connected to something "greater than themselves," one therapist says
03/14/2021 23:30 UTC
The Trump campaign is now openly courting QAnon conspiracy theorists
A Trump campaign spokesperson went on a QAnon program to recruit volunteers
07/16/2020 08:53 UTC
"The church of QAnon": How a bizarre conspiracy theory is linked to evangelical Christianity
Libertarian journalist Bonnie Kristian discusses similarities between QAnon and end-time Christian fundamentalists
05/24/2020 10:59 UTC
Support for QAnon is hard to measure — and polls may overestimate it
It’s not clear exactly how many people believe or follow QAnon.
03/07/2021 11:59 UTC
Michael Flynn's family members file $75M lawsuit against CNN over QAnon video
Flynn's brother, sister-in-law claim they have nothing to do with QAnon, despite reciting QAnon pledge on camera
03/26/2021 21:36 UTC
“It’s over and nothing makes sense”: QAnon believers struggle to cope with Biden inauguration
“Well I’m the official laughing stock of my family,” one QAnon follower said after Joe Biden was sworn in
01/22/2021 12:00 UTC