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Marjorie Taylor Greene says QAnon beliefs are "so far in the past" Kelly McClure
"I had easily gotten sucked into some things I had seen on the internet," Greene said in a Fox interview on Sunday
01/08/2023 18:59 UTC
Woman ditches QAnon, claiming Steve Bannon ignored her "alien transmissions" Brandon Gage
"I'm taking down my ET transmissions. You guys can just live in your stupidity forever," says QAnon defector
12/28/2022 17:27 UTC
QAnon claims Kirstie Alley was murdered due to anti-vax views Alison Stine
Alley died of cancer at age 71, but conspiracy theorists cite her speaking out against vaccines
12/08/2022 00:44 UTC
Germany busts alleged violent QAnon-linked plot whose members made claims similar to Trump's Jessica Corbett
Some 3,000 officers were dispatched to arrest dozens of conspirators who plotted to violently overthrown government
12/07/2022 18:30 UTC
Trump shares demonic QAnon conspiracy on Truth Social ahead of his “big announcement” Travis Gettys
Trump isn't even trying to hide his embrace of QAnon anymore
11/15/2022 15:24 UTC
“He will do whatever they ask”: Democrat blasts Kevin McCarthy for pandering to the “QAnon caucus” Brandon Gage
"McCarthy's problem is he can't get to 218 without Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz."
11/28/2022 16:30 UTC
Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to be a mainstream Republican now. Sadly, the media will let it happen Amanda Marcotte
Greene is walking the path laid by the Tea Party, in which today's extremists become tomorrow's new GOP normal
01/10/2023 11:00 UTC
“I will never leave that woman”: McCarthy vowed to "always take care" of Marjorie Taylor Greene Rae Hodge
The GOP House speaker even went to bat for MTG after she was booted off Twitter, according to The New York Times
01/23/2023 16:13 UTC
The far-right is crazy — like a fox: The code behind the far-right’s success John Feffer
Forget the deplorables and focus instead on the persuadables
12/20/2022 09:00 UTC
"Groomers," Paul Pelosi and so much more: The most unhinged GOP conspiracy theories of 2022 Areeba Shah
Deranged beliefs flooded the Republican zone in 2022 — but somehow, voting late on Election Day didn't help them
12/17/2022 11:00 UTC
Dr. Dre stills Marjorie Taylor Greene as Twitter locks her account Alison Stine
The legendary rapper and producer objected to Greene’s unauthorized use of his music for her victory video
01/10/2023 20:41 UTC
Libs of TikTok owner Chaya Raichik ramps up her anti-LGBTQ crusade Areeba Shah
She began with an anonymous troll account in April 2021 — now she's an agenda-setter in the right's anti-LGBTQ war
01/24/2023 14:00 UTC
Lauren Boebert invokes "Jewish space lasers" in rant attacking "unhinged" Marjorie Taylor Greene Sky Palma
The rift between the two far-right congresswomen widened after the fight over Kevin McCarthy's speaker bid
01/09/2023 19:30 UTC
“Sick disgusting human beings”: Right-wingers use NFL player’s collapse to push anti-vax conspiracy Igor Derysh
MAGA conservatives tried to score political points after the Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field
01/03/2023 14:24 UTC
"The apocalyptic mindset is Republican orthodoxy at this point:" How paranoia consumed the GOP Amanda Marcotte
Author Jared Yates Sexton places Trumpism in a dark lineage of history, but holds out hope things can get better
01/17/2023 11:00 UTC