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Trump bolsters QAnon despite FBI warning that its conspiracy theories are a terrorism threat Matthew Chapman
Trump frantically promoted all the content he could find supporting him and denouncing impeachment ahead of 2020
01/02/2020 20:39 UTC
Republican challenger to Rep. Ilhan Omar continues to campaign while on the run from police Sky Palma
“Candidates are reflections of the party in a way, and it’s not a good reflection of the party in a sense"
02/22/2020 10:00 UTC
Trump-loving conspiracy nuts tout drinking "dangerous bleach" as miracle cure for coronavirus Brad Reed
“Chief Police 2" touted “Miracle Mineral Solution” as not only a cure for coronavirus but also for autism and HIV
01/28/2020 16:32 UTC
Fox News is spreading Trump's coronavirus lies faster than the disease itself Heather Digby Parton
Steer clear of MAGA hats: They're being told the whole thing is a hoax, and their leader's got it under control
03/06/2020 16:49 UTC
Online coronavirus tests — and other iffy products marketed to anxious consumers Victoria Knight
With panic running high and tests at hospitals and doctors’ offices hard to come by, the appeal is obvious
04/01/2020 11:30 UTC
"The Hunt" has a MAGA agenda: Trump supporters desperately wish they were actually persecuted Matthew Rozsa
Craig Zobel's horror flick is a fantasy for the conservatives who want to believe they are victims, not victimizers
03/15/2020 15:00 UTC
Are Trump and his allies setting up Dr. Fauci as the pandemic scapegoat? Amanda Marcotte
Tucker Carlson bashes Fauci and Trump silences him at press briefing — have they found an "elite" scapegoat?
04/06/2020 17:00 UTC
Donald Trump's murder math: Any death toll under 2 million is a "very good job" Bob Cesca
Trump's gruesome new pandemic pivot would be ludicrous — if his followers weren't so ready to swallow the poison
03/31/2020 12:30 UTC
President Trump's supporters promote bizarre website claiming that his IQ is 156 "at the minimum" Brad Reed
Trump still cannot hold a candle to Batman, whose estimated IQ score is 192, according to
12/30/2019 13:00 UTC
A man has pleaded guilty to setting fire to Comet Ping Pong, the target of the Pizzagate conspiracy Matthew Rozsa
The Washington pizzeria is the target of the debunked far-right conspiracy theory known as "Pizzagate"
12/19/2019 15:25 UTC
How the anti-choice movement's lies laid the foundation for Donald Trump's big cover-up Amanda Marcotte
It was anti-abortion fanatics who taught Republicans how to lie so shamelessly — and Donald Trump is grateful
01/24/2020 18:00 UTC
What if the president of the United States was mentally ill — and no one really cared? Chauncey DeVega
As we turn the page on 2019, our president is mentally unwell — but that's only one symptom of deeper illness
01/01/2020 13:00 UTC
GOP candidate permanently banned from Twitter after calling for Ilhan Omar to be “hanged” Igor Derysh
Facebook reportedly said the same post published on their platform "doesn't violate our Community Standards"
11/29/2019 21:08 UTC
InfoWars host who called for Obama to be lynched interrupts impeachment hearing: “Trump is innocent” Igor Derysh
A host who pushed "Pizzagate" and Sandy Hook conspiracy theories accuses Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler of "treason"
12/09/2019 22:48 UTC
Fox hosts spin IG report that debunks their own conspiracies about the Russia probe: “We were right" Igor Derysh
Though the report soundly undercut the core of the network's defense of Trump, its hosts declared victory, anyway
12/10/2019 14:47 UTC