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Is the QAnon "movement" a tragedy, a danger — or a terrorist group? Thom Hartmann
Half the people who stormed the Capitol were QAnon believers. Are they all mentally ill, or dangerous fanatics?
11/16/2021 10:30 UTC
Things quickly go South for QAnon leader running for Congress Sarah Burris
"Mark my words: I am going to raise at least a million dollars," Ron Watkins said last month. It's not going well
11/19/2021 10:00 UTC
QAnon congressional candidate sets up Bitcoin fundraising operation that may be illegal Brad Reed
The FEC prohibits more than $100 in bitcoin donations to a congressional campaign
11/27/2021 17:30 UTC
"QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley sentenced to three years in prison for Jan. 6 role Trish Rooney
Prosecutors described Jacob Chansley as "the public face of the Capitol riot"
11/17/2021 19:38 UTC
Justice Department wants to put the so-called "QAnon Shaman" behind bars for 4 years Sarah K Burris
The Justice Department called him "quite literally, their flag bearer"
11/10/2021 22:04 UTC
QAnon expert: Unhappy believers are now being lured into far-right extremist groups Chauncey DeVega
Conspiracy theory expert Sophia Moskalenko says QAnon's "lost sheep" are being swallowed by "mass radicalization"
11/03/2021 10:31 UTC
QAnon supporters gather in Texas awaiting an appearance from John F. Kennedy Jr. Bob Brigham
John F. Kennedy's son died in 1999
11/03/2021 04:03 UTC
This tomahawk-wielding QAnon sympathizer is terrorizing school board meetings: report Bob Brigham
He's a middle-aged former bodybuilder whose followers call him the "Patriot Streetfighter"
10/18/2021 08:30 UTC
Lauren Boebert's QAnon pal is running for local office — but isn't legally eligible Zachary Petrizzo
Bud Demicell, a recent arrival in Lauren Boebert's Colorado hometown, isn't eligible to run for city council
10/25/2021 09:30 UTC
QAnon extremists make inroads with Mormons: report Alex Henderson
A new poll found 21% of Mormons believe in several key tenets of the QAnon conspiracy
10/02/2021 12:30 UTC
The QAnon playbook: Republicans make school board meetings the new battleground Amanda Marcotte
GOP takes a page from QAnon: Using concern for kids to push authoritarianism
10/14/2021 17:08 UTC
Ron Watkins, who many speculate might be QAnon, eyes congressional run in Arizona Brett Bachman
The former 8chan administrator filed a "statement of interest" form with the Arizona secretary of state Wednesday
10/14/2021 23:59 UTC
QAnon followers allege photo of Biden's White House "set" proves Trump is still in charge John Wright
Trump made use of the same stage several times while in office — not that it mattered to the QAnon set
10/07/2021 23:23 UTC
Lauren Boebert hired QAnon superfans to run Shooters Grill, staff her campaign office Zachary Petrizzo
Colorado congresswoman claims she's not a QAnon believer — but the couple she hired as key employees certainly are
09/30/2021 10:01 UTC
QAnon backer Bill Mitchell and former Trump official Seb Gorka go to war amid doxxing threats Zachary Petrizzo
Two pro-Trump pundits and former friends feud over alleged doxxing, QAnon links. If that's even what it's about
09/28/2021 09:45 UTC