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Trump selects QAnon-linked supporter as his "special guest speaker" for new rally Alex Henderson
Trump is featuring a major QAnon supporter at an Arizona MAGA rally scheduled for this Saturday
01/11/2022 22:19 UTC
Mike Lindell abruptly ends interview, storms off documentary on QAnon David Edwards
"It doesn't matter who stands behind us"
12/08/2021 15:18 UTC
Is the QAnon "movement" a tragedy, a danger — or a terrorist group? Thom Hartmann
Half the people who stormed the Capitol were QAnon believers. Are they all mentally ill, or dangerous fanatics?
11/16/2021 10:30 UTC
QAnon congressional candidate sets up Bitcoin fundraising operation that may be illegal Brad Reed
The FEC prohibits more than $100 in bitcoin donations to a congressional campaign
11/27/2021 17:30 UTC
Things quickly go South for QAnon leader running for Congress Sarah Burris
"Mark my words: I am going to raise at least a million dollars," Ron Watkins said last month. It's not going well
11/19/2021 10:00 UTC
"QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley sentenced to three years in prison for Jan. 6 role Trish Rooney
Prosecutors described Jacob Chansley as "the public face of the Capitol riot"
11/17/2021 19:38 UTC
Justice Department wants to put the so-called "QAnon Shaman" behind bars for 4 years Sarah K Burris
The Justice Department called him "quite literally, their flag bearer"
11/10/2021 22:04 UTC
QAnon expert: Unhappy believers are now being lured into far-right extremist groups Chauncey DeVega
Conspiracy theory expert Sophia Moskalenko says QAnon's "lost sheep" are being swallowed by "mass radicalization"
11/03/2021 10:31 UTC
QAnon supporters gather in Texas awaiting an appearance from John F. Kennedy Jr. Bob Brigham
John F. Kennedy's son died in 1999
11/03/2021 04:03 UTC
After the Storm: A year after Jan. 6, Trump supporters still lost in blizzard of conspiracies Arun Gupta
"Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities"
01/10/2022 10:00 UTC
This tomahawk-wielding QAnon sympathizer is terrorizing school board meetings: report Bob Brigham
He's a middle-aged former bodybuilder whose followers call him the "Patriot Streetfighter"
10/18/2021 08:30 UTC
Lauren Boebert's QAnon pal is running for local office — but isn't legally eligible Zachary Petrizzo
Bud Demicell, a recent arrival in Lauren Boebert's Colorado hometown, isn't eligible to run for city council
10/25/2021 09:30 UTC
People who got sick after far-right conference claim it's anthrax — not COVID-19 Brett Bachman
Attendees complained of coughing, shortness of breath and fever — which are more commonly associated with COVID-19
12/23/2021 00:33 UTC
Denver shooting spree suspect raged about “female premarital sex” and “male honor violence” Igor Derysh
Federal law enforcement was reportedly "aware" that suspect in five Denver killings "harbored extremist views"
12/29/2021 19:49 UTC
Far-right rushes to denounce Trump after COVID vaccine endorsement Brett Bachman
Even lukewarm endorsements of COVID vaccines are off limits in far-right circles, apparently
12/24/2021 16:59 UTC