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QAnon followers are working towards lining people up who echo Trump's beliefs Meaghan Ellis
The new plot is aimed towards regaining control of the White House
02/12/2022 09:00 UTC
House to hold hearing on Ginni Thomas' text messages to Mark Meadows ahead of 1/6 Jon Skolnik
Ginni Thomas reportedly played an instrumental role in Donald Trump's failed scheme to overturn the 2020 election
04/27/2022 14:39 UTC
Tucker Carlson hawks “testicle tanning” to boost testosterone. Experts say it may do the opposite Nicole Karlis
Tucker Carlson's new documentary touts "testicle tanning" as a solution to an imagined testosterone apocalypse
04/21/2022 22:00 UTC
Michigan Democrat calls on "straight, white, Christian, married, suburban mom[s]" to fight GOP Jon Skolnik
In a viral video, Michigan senator castigates Republican colleague over accusations of "grooming" kindergarteners
04/21/2022 13:28 UTC
Right-wing media is now blaming Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court leak Paige Harriss
If you thought Republican attacks on incoming Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson were over, you were wrong
05/06/2022 15:09 UTC
Do Jewish bankers control the weather? A short history of this dumb but ugly conspiracy theory Kathryn Joyce
A GOP attempt to troll Biden reveals too much: From 200 years of antisemitic paranoia to MTG's space lasers
04/14/2022 10:00 UTC
Trump fans fall for satirical "Birds Aren't Real" conspiracy theory Bernie fan created to mock them Alex Henderson
“I think the lunacy is going to become more intense," warned the man behind the viral meme
04/18/2022 17:30 UTC
Misogyny and "male supremacism": Central driving force in the rise of the far right Kathryn Joyce
Yes, there's a "men's crisis" — but not because guys are under attack. "Male supremacism" is what unites the right
05/10/2022 10:30 UTC
Libs of TikTok: The Twitter troll who took Trump's place Amanda Marcotte
Trump’s off Twitter — but Republicans have a new troll to issue marching orders
04/20/2022 16:07 UTC
David Mamet says teachers are "inclined to pedophilia," perpetuating right-wing grooming rhetoric Joy Saha
The playwright is making his right-wing media tour, hitting up Joe Rogan, Fox News and more
04/11/2022 23:12 UTC
On Twitter, "Libs of TikTok" stokes culture wars outrage Jon Skolnik
Conservatives cry hypocrisy over a Washington Post report on the woman behind the infamous "Libs of TikTok" account
04/19/2022 16:45 UTC
Susan Collins breaks with GOP, becomes first Senate Republican to support Ketanji Brown Jackson Jon Skolnik
Collins ignores disingenuous attacks from Republican senate colleague Josh Hawley to back Biden's SCOTUS nominee
03/30/2022 14:31 UTC
Mass shooting in Buffalo: Tucker Carlson and other right-wing conspiracy theorists share the blame Amanda Marcotte
Fox News and GOP leaders understood the "great replacement" conspiracy theory was dangerous — and pushed it anyway
05/15/2022 17:20 UTC
Disney hysteria and litter boxes: Republicans' deeply odd war on LGBTQ people escalates Amanda Marcotte
The new Republican war on LGBTQ right is a full-blown "Satanic panic"-style frenzy of urban legends — and violence
04/01/2022 17:03 UTC
Running the Park Slope Food Coop newsletter taught me not to believe in conspiracy theories Stephanie Golden
It's easy to fall into conspiratorial thinking, as I learned when my peers thought I had much more power than I did
04/23/2022 23:30 UTC