Adam Eichen

Adam Eichen is an American author and activist focused on highlighting the emerging democracy movement in the United States. With Frances Moore Lappé, he co-authored "Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want"(Beacon Press, 2017).

Elizabeth Warren; Joe Biden; Bernie Sanders
Republicans have rigged the maps and manipulated elections — why won't Democrats talk about it? Adam Eichen
Democratic Debate
It’s time to talk about our broken democracy. Will tonight's Democratic debate moderators step up? Adam Eichen
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Will New York Democrats stand up for climate justice? Green New Deal faces crucial test Adam Eichen
APTOPIX 2016 Election New Hampshire Votes
The New Hampshire presidential primary is broken. It’s not too late to fix it. Adam Eichen
Young Voter
Millennials overwhelmingly support Democrats. Will they vote in the midterms? Adam Eichen
Trump Televisions
The devolution of American media: How the anti-democratic movement helped to elect Donald Trump Adam Eichen
Democracy Rally
A powerful economic justice movement is brewing, even in this dark time Adam Eichen
Immigration Rally Portland
There is a promising movement afoot in perilous times Adam Eichen
Protest Selfie
Have we become too social for democracy? Adam Eichen
Overturning Citizens United will not fix the campaign finance system Adam Eichen
Bernie Sanders Larry Wilmore
Democrats Abroad: What the Democratic Party could learn from its overseas footsoldiers Adam Eichen
David Koch, Sheldon Adelson
The system is just this rigged: The Kochs, Citizens United and the real reason why corrupt big money must be kicked out of politics Adam Eichen
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