Diane Ravitch

Doug McMillon, Rob Walton
The Walton Family plot to privatize the public schools of Arkansas Diane Ravitch
David Koch
The South's new re-segregation plan: The Koch brothers, ALEC and the sneaky scheme to undo Brown v Board of Education Diane Ravitch
Bill Gates should be ashamed: His back-room, charter-school power play hurts kids, public education Diane Ravitch
Our new Orwellian double-speak: Right-wing ideologues and compliant media screw our kids Diane Ravitch
Arne Duncan's Race to the Bottom: Our national test fixation isn't just bad for kids -- it doesn't even work Diane Ravitch
Our real charter school nightmare: The new war on public schools and teachers Diane Ravitch
Let's take it to Michelle Rhee and Bill Gates: Here's how Democrats should talk about education tonight Diane Ravitch
Diane Ravitch calls out charter-school nonsense: "Let her bring the hedge fund billionaires and her secret sauce to save all the children" Diane Ravitch
The new Common Core lie: Parents who opt out are not the problem Diane Ravitch
Arne Duncan
Diane Ravitch's devastating Arne Duncan critique: The education secretary earned his F Diane Ravitch
Diane Ravitch defends Louis C.K., takes down silly Newsweek piece: "Your belief ... has no research to support it, nor is there any real-world evidence" Diane Ravitch
Diane Ravitch: School privatization is a hoax, "reformers" aim to destroy public schools Diane Ravitch
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