Izzie Ramirez

Donald Trump can't resist, takes a jab at hospitalized Justice Ginsburg: "She's not on my side" Izzie Ramirez
Stephen Colbert fact checks a Fox News anchor to his face Izzie Ramirez
Emails reveal Trump may have blocked FBI move to prevent competition with his DC hotel Izzie Ramirez
SEC sues Elon Musk, may bar him from being CEO of any public company Izzie Ramirez
Mitch McConnell wears a tan suit again, drawing social media ire for the hypocrisy of it all Izzie Ramirez
"Dear Ivanka" Instagram campaign attempts to shame Trump into ending "racist" immigration policies Izzie Ramirez
Apple now worth $1 trillion thanks to tax cuts and tax aversion schemes Izzie Ramirez
"We're seeing a creeping rise of autocracy": Rob Reiner sounds the warning on Trump and truth Izzie Ramirez
Lindsey Graham on being called a hypocrite for cozying up to Trump: "I don’t give a sh*t” Izzie Ramirez
After years of stewing, "Star Wars" fandom goes to the dark side Izzie Ramirez
Mueller drops another indictment on Paul Manafort Izzie Ramirez
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