Kyle Schmidlin

Exxonmobil Plant
This is the only way to rein in the environmental recklessness of powerhouses like Exxon Mobil and BP Kyle Schmidlin
Ammon Bundy
No happy ending in Oregon: We can't reward white, right-wing extremists every time they pull a gun and threaten violence Kyle Schmidlin
Quentin Tarantino
There is no war on cops: Police threats against Tarantino are totally unacceptable Kyle Schmidlin
Faculty Forward
The corporatization of higher education: With a system that caters to the 1 percent, students and faculty get screwed Kyle Schmidlin
Sean Hannity, Kim Davis, Mike Huckabee
Kim Davis is just the latest in a rogues' gallery of bigoted characters championed by the right Kyle Schmidlin
Scott Walker, Noam Chomsky
Scott Walker, meet Noam Chomsky: Here's the real Iran history Republicans need to learn Kyle Schmidlin
Walmart is a cultural sickness: How the American workplace is enriching the wealthy — and destroying everyone else Kyle Schmidlin
Noam Chomsky, Sam Harris
Scoring the Noam Chomsky/Sam Harris debate: How the professor knocked out the atheist Kyle Schmidlin
American Sniper, Dr. Strangelove
"American Sniper's" chicken-hawk cheerleaders: What Clint Eastwood doesn't understand about bravery and war Kyle Schmidlin
GOP's new fracking hypocrisy: What a Texas battle reveals about Republican dogma Kyle Schmidlin
Give student loans the finger: A new solution to a massive generational outrage Kyle Schmidlin
Bill Maher and Sam Harris' blind spot: American-on-Arab violence, and religious right extremism at home Kyle Schmidlin
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