Nancy Scola

Nancy Scola is a New York City-based political writer whose work has appeared in the American Prospect, the Atlantic, Columbia Journalism Review, New York Magazine and Salon. On Twitter, she's @nancyscola.

Prisoners' crippling phone bills Nancy Scola
Demonstrators protest against the healthcare bill outside the Capitol in Washington December 15, 2009.
Why Republicans welcome birth control politics Nancy Scola
Internet activists protest against the international copyright agreement ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, in front of the European Parliament office in Warsaw, Poland
Protest drags down Europe's SOPA Nancy Scola
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Reid
Reid bows to online protest Nancy Scola
Darryl Issa
Left and right, Congress resists the Stop Online Piracy Act Nancy Scola
Web firms and state surveillance
Twitter takes sides on the Internet's future Nancy Scola
Congress seeks to tame the Internet Nancy Scola
Eric Schmidt
Senators clearly don't understand Google Nancy Scola
Alan Grayson
Alan Grayson's plan: Break the rules and survive Nancy Scola
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