Phil Galewitz

Millions of diabetes patients are missing out on Medicare’s nutrition help Phil Galewitz
Trump administration hits brakes on law to curb unneeded Medicare CT scans, MRIs Phil Galewitz
Walmart charts new course by steering workers to high-quality imaging centers Phil Galewitz
Utah’s novel plan for Medicaid expansion opens door to spending caps sought by GOP Phil Galewitz
Glimpsing the future at gargantuan health tech showcase Phil Galewitz
Hospitals check to see if patients are donor-worthy — not their organs, but pockets Phil Galewitz
Medicaid plans cover doctors’ visits, hospital care — and now your GED Phil Galewitz
Midterm election boosts Medicaid expansion, but challenges remain Phil Galewitz
In Florida, midterm elections hold faint hope for Medicaid expansion Phil Galewitz
Medicare financial outlook worsens Phil Galewitz
Today’s special: Obamacare menu labeling rules ushered in Phil Galewitz
Uninsured rate falls to record low of 8.8% Phil Galewitz
"Coverage gap" for poor may end, but many will still have trouble affording plans Phil Galewitz
Texas hospitals fear losing $6.2B Medicaid deal Phil Galewitz
On Medicaid money, GOP has win-or-lose proposition for states Phil Galewitz
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