Robert Burns

Mideast Iraq
US officials: Iran enters Iraqi fight for key oil refinery Robert Burns
US Navy ships to accompany US-flagged ships in Gulf Robert Burns
Ash Carter, Martin Dempsey
Iranian role in fighting IS in Iraq: Where will it lead? Robert Burns
Barack Obama, Robert Gates, Leon Panetta
For Obama and the Pentagon, an uneasy relationship Robert Burns
Admiral denies role in counterfeiting casino chips Robert Burns
Turkey Syria
US airdrops arms to Kurds in Syrian town of Kobani Robert Burns
US trained Alaskans as secret 'stay-behind agents' Robert Burns
Barack Obama
Back in Iraq: Obama OKs airstrikes on ISIS militants Robert Burns
Harold Greene
General killed in Afghan attack was engineer Robert Burns
Obama pledges to end "scourge" of sexual assault in the military Robert Burns
Army sexual assault watchdog accused of "abusive sexual contact" Robert Burns
Syria may have crossed "red line" with use of chemical weapons Robert Burns
Pentagon notifies Congress of likely furloughs Robert Burns
Obama, Karzai agree to speed up military transition Robert Burns
US may leave no troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014 Robert Burns