Now is the perfect time to make an ice cream-stuffed, waffled glazed donut sandwich

Two ingredients and five minutes are all it takes to transform basic desserts into this heavenly combo

By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Published November 8, 2020 4:30PM (EST)
Waffled donut sandwiches! (Mary Elizabeth Williams)
Waffled donut sandwiches! (Mary Elizabeth Williams)

Well, we did it, America. We got through this week? I guess? We voted and stayed up all night and then again the next night and constantly refreshed our browsers and remembered how much we love Steve Kornacki, Stacey Abrams and Philadelphia. There's a lot of very ugly stuff still ahead, but for now, it seems a good moment to ask if you can take a victory lap when you're technically catatonic. And to that question I reply: donut sandwiches.

I came to waffles very late in life, but when I did, I went all in. When I bought a waffle maker a few years ago, I vowed not to be a unitasker about it and also purchased a copy of Daniel Shumski's charming "Will It Waffle?" recipe book. When you start looking at your waffle iron like it's also a sandwich press, all kinds of worlds open up. Case in point, the donut. One day, casually tucked in an interview about something else, I read someone describe giving a Krispy Kreme the panini treatment, and I could not make a donut run fast enough.

Do you have a waffle iron or panini press? Do you have access to donuts? Great — do it, you earned it. Riff on it with some Nutella or marshmallow fluff. Or make a turkey sandwich, who am I to judge? These babies, obviously, are a big hit with kids, especially when they come out at a non-breakfast hour. But they're very good anytime — especially at a time when you're happy but also nervous and tired but also relieved. When you're ready to make America semi-coherent again.

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Recipe: Waffled Glazed Donuts Sandwiches, adapted from Southern Living  and "Will It Waffle?"

Makes as many as you wish


  • At least 2 glazed donuts
  • Softened ice cream


  1. Bring your waffle maker up to full heat.
  2. Put your donuts on the grill one at a time and press for 30 seconds to one minute. Keep an eye on them! They're ready when they're caramelized and slightly crispy.
  3. Make sandwiches with a generous scoop of your favorite ice cream, or just eat the donut-waffles warm. 

Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams is a staff writer for Salon and author of "A Series of Catastrophes & Miracles."

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