From Karen Gillan as an assassin to the Obamas' musical, here's what's new on Netflix in July

Heists, crime, teens and animals - that's what's new to stream on Netflix to help you stay inside and cool

Published July 2, 2021 9:35PM (EDT)

Gunpowder Milkshake (Netflix)
Gunpowder Milkshake (Netflix)

If a heat wave in your state is making the outdoors uninhabitable this month, consider staying in and streaming instead. Netflix is rolling out dozens of exciting new titles throughout July, from classics like all three "Austin Powers" movies to a dating show featuring contestants dressed quite literally as "sexy beasts."

But new Netflix titles also mean a whole wave of departing ones, and when titles are gone, they're gone. "The Iron Lady," which tells the story of the controversial life of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher played by Meryl Streep, leaves Netflix by July 5, while Disney favorite "The Princess and the Frog" starring the first Black Disney princess voiced by Anika Noni Rose, departs on the 15th. Meanwhile, "Spotlight," the 2015 drama on the Boston Globe investigation that unearthed widespread sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, starring Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton, will depart at the end of the month.

Also at the end of the month, Netflix will be saying goodbye to "Friends With Benefits," starring Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake, and numerous cameos of fan favorites sprinkled in, throughout, on the 31st. Also saying goodbye are classic comedy-apocalypse flick "Zombieland," starring Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, and the first "Mad Max."

But there's plenty to look forward to, and we got you covered. From the perfect crimes, to an Obama-produced musical on civics, Netflix's July additions are perfect for staying in, staying cool, and streaming.

"Audible," July 1

Directed by the Emmy nominated Matt Ogens, "Audible" is the story of a Deaf high school football player, Amaree McKenstry, and his close friends during their senior year. Throughout the film, McKenstry copes with the loss of a friend's suicide, explores relationships, and prepares for the upcoming homecoming game. The filmmakers spoke to Salon about making a film that uses sound design to make an impact on its hearing viewers.

"We the People," July 4

Aptly dropping on Independence Day, the highly anticipated, Obamas-executive-produced, short-form musical series is a bright and quick crash course on American civics, that's fun for the whole family — regardless of your family's background and familiarity with civics.. The series features music and voicing from artists like H.E.R., Lin-Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monáe, Amanda Gorman, Bebe Rexha and others. 

"I Think You Should Leave" Season 2, July 6

Hosted by Comedy Central alum Tim Robinson, the second season of offbeat, classic sketch show features a whole roster of fun guest stars, and wild yet everyday scenarios. 

"Cat People," July 7

No, it's not the movie based on the viral New Yorker essay "Cat Person" — it's "Cat People," a feel-good docuseries on the many, many different kinds of cat people out there, who come in all shapes and sizes, and from all backgrounds, united by their love for cats. This should help recalibrate the image of a cat person who isn't necessarily a shut-in and doesn't look like the scraggly haired lady on "The Simpsons."

"Dogs" Season 2, July 7

To balance things out, of course, Netflix will be releasing the second season of the beloved 2018 documentary series of the deep, nuanced emotional bonds shared between different dog owners and their dogs. While the first season traveled the globe, this season will stay stateside and feature a former astronaut, Butler University's beloved canine mascot, a veteran and more. 

"Gunpowder Milkshake," July 14

Called the "mother of all action films" by Netflix, "Gunpowder Milkshake" is the story a mother-daughter assassin team and their pals who rebel against the men who could take everything from them. Directed by Navot Papushado, the action film looks like the latest in the delightfully expanding genre of odes to female rage and stars a bunch of badass women: "Doctor Who" alum Karen Gillan, "Game of Thrones" wine lover Lena Headey, Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett and Carla Gugino.

"Heist," July 14

Who doesn't love a story of the perfect crime? "Heist" is the shocking docuseries on three of the biggest heists in modern American history, explained by the very people who pulled these heists off. From stealing millions in Vegas casino cash, to the biggest bourbon burglary in history, "Heist" will feature original interviews, exciting reenactments, and essentially pull back the curtain on your favorite fictional heist movies, like "Ocean's Eleven" and "Catch Me If You Can."

"Private Network: Who Killed Manuel Buendía?" July 14

In another true crime deep dive, "Private Network" will investigate the murder of Mexican journalist Manuel Buendía, and explore the deep ties between politics and drug trafficking. 

"Never Have I Ever" Season 2, July 15

Season 1 of the breakout comedy "Never Have I Ever" was a fan favorite throughout last summer, and the Mindy Kaling-created show is back. This time around, Netflix teases a new love life and new classmate for teen protagonist Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), as well as plenty of "questionable decisions." 

"Sexy Beasts," July 21

It wouldn't be summer without a catty new dating show, and "Sexy Beasts" takes this quite literally, starring single contestants dressed in elaborate makeup and prosthetics to assume the form of a wide range of different animals. This, of course, is all in pursuit of bringing back blind-dating chemistry. The result is a chaotic and beastly new dating show.

"Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop," July 22

In this new Netflix original anime, a shy boy will express himself via haiku poem to his bubbly but self-conscious crush, leading to a brief but magical summer. You can watch a trailer below.

"The Last Letter From Your Lover," July 23

Starring Shailene Woodley and Joe Alwyn, among others, this new "The Last Letter From Your Lover," based on the novel of the same name, follows the story of journalist Elle Haworth (Felicity Jones) as she uncovers the secret letters of two lovers, Jennifer Stirling (Woodley) and Callum Turner (Anthony O'Hare), having an extramarital affair in 1965 — all while embarking on a romance of her own. You can watch the steamy trailer below.

Here's the full list of everything coming to Netflix this month:

July 1
"Dynasty Warriors"
"Generation 56k"
"Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway"
"Young Royals"
"Air Force One"
"Austin Powers in Goldmember"
"Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery"
"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"
"The Best of Enemies"
"Boogie Nights"
"Born to Play"
"Bureau of Magical Things" Season 1
"Charlie's Angels"
"Dennis the Menace"
"The Game"
"The Karate Kid"
"The Karate Kid Part II"
"The Karate Kid Part III"
"Kung Fu Panda"
"Kung Fu Panda 2"
"Life as We Know It"
"Love Actually"
"Mary Magdalene"
"Memoirs of a Geisha"
Midnight Run"
Mortal Kombat"
"No Strings Attached"
"Not Another Teen Movie"
"Sailor Moon Crystal" Seasons 1-3
"She's Out of My League"
"Star Trek"
"The Strangers"
"Stuart Little"
Supermarket Sweep" Season 1
"Sword of Trust"
"Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"
"Terminator 2: Judgment Day"
Underworld: Awakening"
"Underworld: Rise of the Lycans"
"What Dreams May Come"
Why Do Fools Fall in Love"

July 2
"The 8th Night"
"Big Timber"
"Fear Street Part 1: 1994"
"Haseen Dillruba"
"Mortel" Season 2

July 3
"Grey's Anatomy" Season 17

July 4
"We The People"

July 5
"You Are My Spring"

July 6
"I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson" Season 2

July 7
"Brick Mansions"
"Cat People"
"Dogs" Season 2
"The Mire: '97"
"The War Next-door"
"Major Grom: Plague Doctor"
"This Little Love of Mine"

July 8
"Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime"
"Home Again"
"Midnight Sun"
"RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness"

July 9
"Atypical" Season 4
"Biohackers" Season 2
"The Cook of Castamar"
"Fear Street Part 2: 1978"
"How I Became a Superhero"
"Last Summer"
"Lee Su-geun: The Sense Coach" 
"Virgin River" Season 3

July 10
"American Ultra"

July 13
"Ridley Jones"

July 14
"A Classic Horror Story"
"The Guide to the Perfect Family"
"Gunpowder Milkshake"
"My Unorthodox Life"
"Private Network: Who Killed Manuel Buendía?"

July 15
"A Perfect Fit"
"BEASTARS Season 2
"Emicida: AmarElo - Live in São Paulo"
"My Amanda"
"Never Have I Ever" Season 2

July 16
"The Beguiled"
"Explained:"Season 3
"Fear Street Part 3: 1666"
"Johnny Test"
"The Twilight Saga: New Moon"
"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1"
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2"

July 17
"Cosmic Sin"

July 20

July 21
"Chernobyl 1986"
"The Movies That Made Us" Season 2
"One on One with Kirk Cameron" Season 1
"Sexy Beasts"
"Too Hot to Handle: Brazil"
"Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans"

July 22
"9 to 5: The Story of a Movement"
"Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop"

July 23
"A Second Chance: Rivals!"
"Blood Red Sky"
"Kingdom: Ashin of the North"
"The Last Letter From Your Lover"
"Masters of the Universe: Revelation"
"Sky Rojo: Season 2"

July 24
"Charmed" Season 3
"Django Unchained"

July 26
"The Walking Dead"
"Wynonna Earp"

July 27
"All American" Season 3
"Mighty Express" Season 4
"The Operative"

July 28

"Fantastic Fungi"
"The Flash" Season 7
"The Snitch Cartel: Origins"
"Tattoo Redo"

July 29
"Resort to Love"
"Transformers: War for Cybertron: Kingdom"

July 30
"Glow Up" Season 3
"The Last Mercenary"
"Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean"
"Outer Banks" Season 2

July 31
"The Vault"

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