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This is why women get inked: Feminism, tattoos and the new politics of body art

"Freeheld" director Peter Sollett on marriage equality and the ongoing fight for LGBT rights: "I hope this film reminds us why it’s important to protect this"

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In defense of loneliness

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Black voters aren't feeling the Bern: Sanders' problem is bigger than #BlackLivesMatter

"The great social adventure of America": What the country could learn from Fairfax County, Virginia's immigration experience's choice overload: It's no wonder people end up spending more than they need to

David Gregory: "My relationship with 'Meet the Press' ... was like a marriage you know is bad but can’t leave"

The hard truth about the softest mineral: Talc is littered with stray asbestos

Fall TV Preview: On Sundays, a Bollywood star comes to ABC, martial arts to AMC, and every award-winning show vies for your attention

The rise of TV's lady jerks: We're entering a new age of the complex antiheroine — and leaving "likability" behind

Africa is our new quagmire: Special ops, human rights abuses and the latest battlefront in our failed War on Terror

Donald Trump's glory days as the butt of Spy's jokes: How the "short-fingered vulgarian" rose to the occasion and became a break-out national star

Mark Twain invented Donald Trump: The literary roots of the right's greatest con man

The existential genius of Lana Del Rey: Performing yearning self-destruction as meaningful as Don Draper's — and just as uniquely American