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10 confederate memorials that are somehow still standing

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Sexy teenage vampire Stephen Colbert's Halloween warning: "A marauding orange monster is on the loose and it's not Donald Trump"

Bill Maher's epic anti-PC Halloween rant: "I’m going to vote Republican, because I just can’t stand being on the same team as these humorless jackoffs"

The Donald's radical revolution: The historical roots of the Trump phenomenon

Paul Krugman has taught them nothing: Republicans would tank the economy again, given another chance

The Uber-economy f**ks us all: How "permalancers" and "sharer" gigs gut the middle class

"Problems like this don’t go away overnight": "Spotlight" director Tom McCarthy calls for the Catholic Church to do more to address and prevent sex abuse

Big trucks, big bucks: Heavy-spending trucking industry pushes Congress to relax safety rules

Wall Street is just this dumb: "There are traders who are smart, though not many"

Jeb! Agonistes: Being the sad and gruesome history of a frontrunner who never was and the GOP's zombie apocalypse

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