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Largest pro-Trump super PAC drops $10 million on ads smearing Democratic rival as “Beijing Biden”

Dr. Fauci shuts down Fox News' Laura Ingraham after she complains about lockdowns

Pandemic proves Republicans weaponize deficits and states’ rights against Democratic presidents

Outrage over plan to seize stimulus payments forces at least one bank to reverse course

Judge lets Texans cast absentee ballots — but AG threatens felony charges

Donald Trump is not a supervillain — he just wants to be

Dystopia arrives — not with a bang, but a cough

Coronavirus cases at the VA jump 11 percent overnight

Donald Trump bails out: From "total authority" to totally passing the buck

"Record stores changed our lives": New doc "Vinyl Nation" celebrates Record Store Day at home

Dr. Phil downplays coronavirus on Fox News by comparing it to car accidents and swimming pool deaths

Miller's hardline refugee policies revived: “Only a matter of time before the situation blows up"

Susan Collins' top Democratic rival outraised her by nearly 300% in the first quarter

Former Trump "fixer" Michael Cohen granted early release from prison amid coronavirus pandemic

“It must be investigated”: Trump donors get $569 million contract to build 17 miles of border wall

Meghan McCain criticizes Ivanka Trump for ignoring coronavirus restrictions to take family trip

GOP's Kelly Loeffler fights allegations of insider trading by claiming her critics are "socialists"

Netflix's "#blackAF" is Kenya Barris' wealthier, shallower, and meaner "Black-ish"

Texas is on the wrong side of history

"I like weird things": Alicia Silverstone on her career, from "Clueless" to new film "Bad Therapy"

90% of US COVID-19 deaths may have been prevented if social distancing began sooner: epidemiologists

US intel on threat of coronavirus shared with Israel and NATO in November: report

Amazon employees call for online walkout to protest working conditions amid coronavirus pandemic