September 19, 2020 Archive September 2020

Trump blasted for "McCarthy-like" call for "patriotic education" and attack on 1619 Project

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, defender of women's rights and social justice, dies at 87

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Democrats are overlooking a big opportunity to increase voter turnout and take on the Trump machine

Call for investigation: Companies linked to six Trump Cabinet members got PPP loans

McConnell vows to be "firewall" against progress in Senate as Democrats mull eliminating filibuster

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Think American democracy is ending? You're not alone

Bill Barr goes full-in right-wing looney

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Trump’s destruction of America started with Ronald Reagan

Our new national (in)security

An RV park housing the homeless in San Francisco has become a runaway success story

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Cornflake Skedaddles: This three-ingredient, no-bake dessert shares DNA with Rice Krispies treats

Scientists find a shortcut to make a rare — and possibly healthier — sugar

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