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During a COVID-19 surge, "crisis standards of care" involve excruciating choices Matthew Wynia
Amid the latest surge of COVID cases, health care workers yet again are having to make difficult triage decisions
01/01/2022 02:00 UTC
"Sick madness": The public reacts to the CDC's decision to cut COVID-19 self-isolation time in half Matthew Rozsa
The CEO of Delta may have influenced the CDC's decision to cut its recommended self-isolation period in half
12/28/2021 22:04 UTC
Like COVID-19, the Black Death had its own "truther" movement, too Matthew Rozsa
The vast well of pandemic conspiracy theories has odd parallels to plague politics of the Middle Ages
12/25/2021 15:00 UTC
Flu, coronavirus, or all of the above? More unlucky Americans are catching both at the same time Nicole Karlis
The joint infection of flu and COVID-19 is called "flurona" — but it may not be as bad as it sounds. Here's why
01/07/2022 00:00 UTC
Genomic surveillance: How scientists know which COVID variants are circulating Alexander Sundermann - Lee Harrison
A nationwide genomic surveillance system builds a picture of which variants are spreading in the population
01/17/2022 18:14 UTC
Dr. Anthony Fauci: CDC is considering changes to COVID-19 isolation guidance after backlash Brett Bachman
"I think we're going to be hearing more about that in the next day or so from the CDC," Fauci said Sunday
01/02/2022 19:50 UTC
To learn how COVID affects the ear, scientists turn to cadavers Elizabeth Landau
Can the novel coronavirus — and other viruses — directly infect the cells that enable hearing and balance?
01/17/2022 19:00 UTC
As COVID-19 cases skyrocket in children, doctors warn of lifelong side effects Matthew Rozsa
COVID-19 cases in children — who could get sick for life — have risen 32 percent in two weeks
11/24/2021 20:00 UTC
My husband intentionally exposed my family to COVID-19 Nicole Karlis
In this week's Pandemic Problems column, a wife frets when her husband deliberately brings home COVID
12/15/2021 20:00 UTC
Far-right Michigan Republican known for anti-vaxxer views hospitalized with COVID-19 Alex Henderson
It's just the latest cautionary tale in a country where the virus and vaccine have become politicized
11/27/2021 16:30 UTC
Florida researchers say they felt "pressure to destroy" COVID-19 data for fear of Gov. Ron DeSantis Jon Skolnik
“We knew there was more silencing and pressure coming from above"
12/08/2021 15:43 UTC
Alarm grows as US COVID deaths in 2021 top 2020's toll Jake Johnson
"Unless everyone everywhere is vaccinated, the situation is not going to change."
12/22/2021 07:11 UTC
COVID walkouts: Why Omicron is pushing teachers and students to leave the classroom Jon Skolnik
As school districts experience uniquely low student attendance, who exactly wants schools open?
01/15/2022 08:59 UTC
Glenn Beck said he didn’t need the vaccine – now he’s very sick with COVID and taking ivermectin Sarah Burris
This is the second time that Beck has come down with COVID-19
01/13/2022 22:53 UTC
How reliable are at-home COVID tests? Here's what we know Nicole Karlis
If you test negative, but you have symptoms, you might want to test again
01/04/2022 20:48 UTC